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March 28, 2009, 4:19 am
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Darondo vs. Rene Costy – Didnt I/Scrabble




There are lots of really bad mash-ups out there – ones that once you hear them you really wish you hadn’t heard them – I heard one of those this week: Herb Alpert vs. Public Enemy  I recommend you don’t listen to it – but if you really want to it is here – even more scary is how  increasingly the art of the mash-up is being embraced by commercial radio to manufacture ‘safe bet’ hits for repeat ( I repeat) repeat airplay – perhaps there is some element of an opportunity for self-discovery for new genres there but Claude remains cynical on the whole mash-up thing – and is it a remix or a mash-up – I better get the technical definition on that  


There are some good ones out there – but they are harder to find – of the ‘biggies’ some Claude favourites include:


– James Brown Give It Up Turn It Loose Fantasista Re-Formation remix

– The Doors  vs. Bossa – Break On Through (Bossarocker Remix)

– Blondie vs. The Doors – Rapture Riders – played too death on the radio but pretty neat

– Erik B and Rakim vs. Little Kids  – Let The Rythm Hit Em


One of my favourites is Didn’t I/Scrabble which mashes Darondo with Rene Costy. This mashup (or is it a remix?) was done by Trishes from Austria and you can listen to it on his Myspace page here  (re-upped here)


The story of the rediscovery of Darondo is a great one and you can read about it as well as buy his killer LP here. As for Rene Costy,  well according to some quick Google research the track Rene Costy & His Orchestra – Scrabble appeared on a library LP Chappell Mood Music Volume 26. This was released in the 70’s on Chappell who were a European production company who released many “Mood Music” LPs featuring various Jazz/Funk/Soul artists. One of those artists was Rene Costy and His Orchestra. A true timeless classic! J Dilla sampled from the song for the track “Fuck The Police”.

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I don’t do Dido dude!!
March 28, 2009, 3:17 am
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Finally got around to watching Saxondale – I wanted to wait to catch it on DVD  – you know – no commercials, watch all the episodes back to back etc – and what a classic it is. Steve Coogan plays Tommy Saxondale an ageing prog-rocker with a legendary past as a roadie for some of the heaviest names in the UK rock/prog scene of the mid-70s. Tommy is dealing with anger-management issues which are a legacy of some hard living and equally hard partying –  but now he runs a small pest control business in suburban Stevenage where he lives with his girlfriend Magz, proprietress of the anarchic T-shirt shop “Smash the System”. There is a whole lot going on in Saxondale apart from it being totally hilarious – I never thought Steve Coogan could top Alan Partridge but Saxondale works for me.  I also love the music in Saxondale – its in the plot, its in the dialogue, and there is some great incidental music. The incidental music in the show is composed by Matt Berry, as seen on The Mighty Boosh and Snuffbox. I was hearing prog, psych including bits of Jethro Tull and Mike Oldfield. The Mojo subscribing Tommy is no fan of Dido and aways has something deep and wise to say about what is wrong about the music of today to help educate his young assistant Raymond who is learning from the master not only how to run a pest control business but how to try and make the world a better place.

 I love the title track  – its called House of the King by the prog-rockers Focus and you can hear it here along with some dialogue. 

Tommy on dance-music…

The Mustang…

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I Love A Bit Of Acid House
March 24, 2009, 12:45 pm
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Gino Latino – The Teacher Of The House Music
March 24, 2009, 11:47 am
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Teacher Of The House Music

The beats are still as fresh as they were 20 years ago when these two tracks were released.


The lights on this video take me back….

Listen and watch here



The Dancing Girl on this video rocks but is more Second Life that Podium 1989…

Listen and watch here

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Soulsides Radio Stream
March 22, 2009, 5:32 am
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S.O.U.L.sides – Catch the stream from Friday March 13th 2009 presented by yours truly and Mr Vinyl himself Microgroove. The lowdown on the show is that Microgroove kicked off and laid down some heavy soul of the blue eyed variety ala Rod Stewart, Blood Sweat and Tears and The Spencer Davis Group. I then dropped in some sweet stuff including new funky grooves from the one and only Numero and a nice Darondo mashup. Microgroove dropped some more soul and I finished off with a nice Claude Mono remix of War leading into roller boogie old school hip hop jams thanks to Missy Dee and the Melody Crew and the Fabulous 3…


soulsides streams

soulsides streams






Friday 13 Playlist

the twilights you got soul (feat glenn shorrick)
the spencer davis group waltz for lumumba
santana persuasion
rod stewart I know Im losing you
blood sweat and tears so much love/underture
the night-liters – bakers instant
jesse anderson mighty mighty
syl johnson come together
the mystiques put on the fire
fred williams tell her
chocolate snow a day in the life
chocolate snow inflation
darondo/rene costy didnt I/scrabble
james brown say it loud I’m black and Im proud
melvin van peebles come on write me
the undisputed truth brother louie
sly and the family stone this is love
sam and dave everybodys got to love somebody
gladys night and the pips I feel a song in my heart
barbara acklin just aint no love
lee moses time and space
maynard ferguson primal scream
war ballero (Live mix)
jackie stoudemine dont stop dancing
jackie stoudemine guilty
missy dee and the melody crew rub a dub
fabulous 3 mcs rub a dub






You can get some Missy Dee and the Melody Crew on Dont Stop Tap Recordings – the vinyl LP box set has a whole LP of instrumentals and demos including some fine disco by ‘The Orchestra’

CQ Soundtrack – post modern french pop
March 21, 2009, 10:47 am
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CQ  (codename Dragonfly) – A kooky pop art sci fi film produced by Roman Copolla (Sophia’s brother) with a soundtrack by a group called Mellow – the soundtrack and the sounds of Mellow sound a lot like Air at thier best plus some sixties psych pop via the legendary Jacques Dutronic and Antonello Paliotti, the film is set in Paris and on screen it might be the grooviest production design and sets you have ever seen, the screen is filled by the beautiful Angela Lindvall doing the Barbarella thing -and a plot structure/design theme based on Danger Diabolik – a fantastic late 60s film directed by Mario Bava and itself featuring an incredible soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.  Claude recommends you watch CQ and buy the soundtrack – and then have a french nu-wave cinema sci-fi pop party and invite Claude to DJ.

On Air’s Moon Safari ‘Ce Matin La’ definitely was the best track. Patrick Woodcock who wrote it and was hanging out doing backing and other stuff for Air played some other tracks to longtime friend and sound engineer Pierre Begon-Lours, who agreed to co-produce them at his own studio with partner Stephane Luginbuhl, and Mellow was born. Mellow  was named after the Mellotron keyboard and name is the sound – vintage post modern french pop delivered to perfection across a few albums.


Here is Mellow  – The Lost One of the CQ Soundtrack

…and here you can download a little Claude Mono dialogue/music mini-mix sampler for your iPOD so you can get in the mood while waiting for the DVD to be returned at Planet so you can watch it.

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Red Parrot – Free Pass
March 21, 2009, 4:44 am
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 Its 1986 on your iPOD…

Corner of Roe and Milligan Street (circa 84-85)

Corner of Roe and Milligan Street (circa 84-85)



Always a favourite its Echo and the Bunnymen straight off my original 12 inch vinyl single – I think it was an import so cost $6.99 – grab some more on the mixes

If Manchester had ‘The Hacienda’ then Perth had ‘The Parrot’ – no need to travel half way around the world but sometimes it was a long stagger home from Northbridge  – Claude digs deep to resurrect some Red Parrot dancefloor classics for your listening pleasure – and nearly all 12 inchers – none of that 7 inch short version stuff.

…and for an old clubbers trip down memory lane read some of the great stories here including wise words from legendary Parrort DJ Snuff  and one of Claude’s earliest inspirations – refer the group Blood Brother B  and learn  “what about that jacuzzi?“and here possibly the most exciting idea to come out of Perth for years – resurrect Dirty Dicks in the old Parrot venue – oh yeah…I’ll get started on this …

…stick these Red Parrot mixtapes on your Sony Cassette Walknan – includes loads of original 12 inch mixes painstakingly programmed in my mind

red parrot mix – vol 1 and on HQ stream mixcloud

israel – siouxie and the banshees

celebration – u2

yashar – cabaret voltaire

theme for great cities – simple minds

my spine is the bass line – shriekback

buffalo gals – malcolm mclaren

whisper to a scream – icicle works

new gold dream – simple minds

madam butterfly – malcolm mclaren

uncertain smile – the the

ever so lonely – monsoon

cities lie in dust – siouxie and the banshees

der mussolini – daf

red parrot mix – vol 2 and on HQ stream mixcloud

african and white – china crisis

silver moon – echo and the bunnymen

dead eyes open – severed heads

never stop – echo and the bunnymen

temptation – heaven 17

west end girls – pet shop boys

questionaire – chas jankel

field of glass – the triffids

dazzle – siouxie and the banshees

red parrot mix – vol 3 and on HQ stream mixcloud

catcherpaya – incantation

the creatures – miss the girl

the creatures – right now

west india company – ave maria

single gun theory – from a million miles

Human League – Being Boiled

kate bush – running up that hill

echo and the bunnymen – the killing moon

tears for fears – pale shelter

the smiths – bigmouth strikes again

the smiths – william it was really nothing

lloyd cole and the commotions – perfect skin

orange juice – rip it up

the clash – rock the casbah (instrumental breakdown)

the birthday party – release the bats

too school for school

too cool for school

must be early in the night...a very different dancefloor by 3am

…and check out hundreds more photos of punks, mods, rockabillys, new romantics and fashionistas all on the edge of the Perth 80s mainstream along with gig memories, favourite tracks and playlists – all at the Facebook group “Red Parrot Remembered”.

sunshine superstars #2
March 15, 2009, 11:57 am
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, originally uploaded by mirrorballet.

I dig these photos by mirrorballet

and I dig I love you like the way I used to do by Rocketship

A Certain Smile A Certain Sadness

A Certain Smile A Certain Sadness

A Certin Smile A Certain Sadness – 1996 – Slumberland Records

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sunshine superstars
March 15, 2009, 11:53 am
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i feel like, originally uploaded by mirrorballet.

I dig these photos by mirrorballet

and I dig witchi tai to by harpers bizarre

Harpers Bizarre 4

Harpers Bizarre 4

Harpers Bizarre 4 – 1996 Reissue – Sundazed Music

Claude Mono Disco Jams Volume 1
March 15, 2009, 4:53 am
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keep it sweet for your feet



1) mystique – keep on jumping – classic p&p with a nice disco intro from the new york disco show

2) shirley lite – heat it up – a classic with a deep deep disco electro beat

3) galaxy – visions of tomorrow (past due mix) – low-fi organic disco at its best from the past due label

4) distance in time band – dance (past due mix) – another past due highlight

5) jackie stoudemire – invisible wind – from dont stop Tap Recordings on Numero – best disco comp in years!!

6) jean carne – was that all there was – disconet extended mix of the classic soul diva anthem

7) billy frazier – billy who – nice…

8) chic – i want your love (danny k re-edit) – awesome danny k reconstructionl!!

and here is a taster…mystique – keep on jumping

get the full mix here

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