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el ritmo in space
June 13, 2012, 12:34 pm
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Its 2012: NASA, the Russians, and the Chinese Space Exploration Program are all moving further and deeper into outer space and the exploration of Mars and our outer galaxies. At the same time the El Ritmo DJs are moving further inwards, deeper into hi-fi inner space – into aural kooky deep space. In 1962 with the introduction of the Stereo Action LP series, RCA heralded “spectacular sonic illusions of motion, directionality and depth.” Not content to program simply for ears, RCA provided a “visual” component to audio through harmonics and stereophonic orchestration – and crazy LP covers!!. The goal of the RCA Engineers then, and the goal now of the El Ritmo DJs “is to create musical movement so real, your eyes will follow the sound.” This Tuesday night its music but not as you know it…

A Hi Fi audio quality fully remastered Mixcloud here (no talking)

PLAYLIST (also check out lots of videos and links on the show playlist here)

Ronnie & Clyde Zero One – Peter Thomas Warp Back to Earth 66-99

Carl Sagan – Great Winds Excerpt – Cosmos OST

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Love 71 – Peter Thomas Warp Back to Earth 66-99

CQ Excerpts – CQ OST

Mellow – Codename Dragonfly  – CQ OST

Mellow – Love On The Moon  – CQ OST

Jacques Dutronc – Le Responsible  – CQ OST

Stefano Torossi  – Sixth Dimension – Stroboscopica Volume 2

I Marc4 – Matto Grosso – Stroboscopica

Space Girl – Lush Bath Bomb

Air with Jean Jacues Perrey – Cosmic Bird

Air – Casanova 70 (The Secret Of Cool Mix)

Erol Alkan – Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve – Zodiac Excerpt

The Zombies – The Time of The Season

John Keating – The Unknown Planet – Space Experience

Hugo Montenegro – Aquarius

Paul Jones – Aquarius

Rosko – Peacemaker – La Guepe Volume 3

Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul 3110

Tico Allegre Allstars – La Odissa De Tito

Bob Crewe Generation – Barbarella OST Excerpts

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Theme From Stella Interstellar – The Fluid Soundbox

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – The Case – Plays Lost TV Themes

Barbarella (The Irresistible Force Remix)

Bob Crewe Generation – Angel Is Love (Claude Mono Reconstruction)

Bob Crewe Generation – Barbarella OST Excerpts

James Last – Walking in the Rain – Hair

John Keating – The Unknown Planet – Sounds Unlimited

I Marc 4 – Hyde park – Strobiscopica

Switched On Rock – Jumpin Jack Flash

Synthesiser Sound Machine – Apache

Dick Hyman – Green Onions – Age of Electronicus

John Schroeder Orchestra – Soul Trek – Space Age Soul

Sven Libaek – Inner Space (not on download)

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