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Sofia Coppola Mixtape 3
May 30, 2020, 8:41 am
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The third and final volume in the very occasional Sofia Coppola Mixtape series. Like the others its lush and also lo-fi, full of hazy soundscapes and dreamlike interludes. It started back in 2009 with Lost in Translation 2 (link below), an imaginary soundtrack created while trying to dig deeper into the incidental music of the original soundtrack that was so essential to the on-screen imagery,  and then wishing there was a second volume or that the original soundtrack had been a luxurious double LP.

On music in her films…

“I enjoy movies when they’re sincere, from personal experience. I like taking your time meandering with the music. There’s so much that isn’t said in a look. I like observing things. I’m not interested in a lot of dialogue.” – Sofia Coppola, 2003

On The Bling Ring…

“I saw this culture growing and growing, so I wanted the audience to experience it for themselves, and by the end of [the movie] to think about what’s important to them and how they feel about it—not to tell them what to think. It seems like it’s from reality TV and social media—this idea that kind of anyone and everyone can be famous. It’s just such a big part of our life now. In the beginning, to shoot all of this stuff in a really seductive way and make it look fun—you want to be able to be part of it so you understand where they’re coming from. But then by the end of it, you kind of have a shift and take a step back and, you know, kind of look at it. I thought, How am I going to make a movie where the characters are so unsympathetic? Usually there’s a girl or a character that I connect with and see part of myself in, and in this one I didn’t. It was really a challenge to find a way to tell the story in a way that would engage you, ’cause if you don’t care about the characters how can you get into it? But then I met Nick Prugo, and I thought he was really the most sympathetic one—you could understand how he could have gotten caught up in this group and why he wanted to be a part of it. I remembered being that age and, you know, you do things you wouldn’t do as an adult because you want the excitement of feeling like you’re part of something.” Sophia Coppola 2013 interview in Rookie Magazine.

Listen to the HQ Mixcloud Mixtape here


Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin – The Bling Ring Suite – The Bling Ring OST – 2013

Pistol Disco – Goo – Hoga Nord Rekords 45 – 2015

Foxes in Fiction – Heaven or Las Vegas Cocteau Twins Cover) – 2012

Roxy Music – Dance Away – 1979

Phoenix – Bourgeois (excerpt) – Bankrupt – 2013

Phoenix – Trying to Be Cool (A-Trak Remix) – 2013

Aberdeen – Sunny in California – The Very Most (Syntherely Yours Remix) – 2018

My Bloody Valentine – Don’t Ask Why – Glider EP

Je suis Animal – Sparkle Split – Self-Taught Magic From A Book

Puro Instinct – Six of Swords – Autodrama – 2016

The Kyoto Connection – Alone in Kyoto (Air Cover)

Sound of Ceres – Gemini Scenic – The Twin Demonstration Cassette – 2018

Sebastien Tellier – Fantino – Lost in Translation OST – 2003

Chromatics – Tick of the Clock – 2012

Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round – Before Today 2010

Palmbomen II – Wilco’s Funeral (excerpt) – Memories of Cindy EP – 2017

Still Corners – Strange Pleasures – Strange Pleasures – 2013

Palmbomen II – Memories of Cindy – Pure Tibet – Memories of Cindy EP – 2017

Sonoda – Goodbye (live on UCLA Radio 2019 ) – Clearing – 2017

Foxtail Somersault – Birthday (Sugarcubes Cover)

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Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2
October 4, 2017, 10:09 am
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“Picture me and then you start watching

Watching forever



Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2 – the second in a very occasional series of imaginary soundtracks of music and dialogue from Sofia Coppola films and other sounds that just feel right. If you enjoy listening to it then you might also enjoy the first mixtape Lost in Translation 2

HQ Mixcloud here


the amps – tipp city – pacer (featured in Lick the Star)

phoenix – love like a sunset (long version) – wolfgang amadeus phoenix (featured in Somewhere)

tape waves – age of consent

the stargazer lilies – well versed to verb doubt – we are the the dreamers

the stargazer lilies – golden key music – door to the sun

the xx – i dare you – i see you

the radio dept – david – clinging to a scheme

ariel pink – feels like heaven

chemical brothers – the state were in (campfire bootleg) (featured in Lost in Translation)

avicii – levels (instrumental) (featured in Bling Ring)

chateau marmont – wind blows – the maze

sebastien tellier – look – sexuality

fazerdaze – bedroom talks – morningside

slowdive – crazy for you – pygmalion

kevin shields – 2- stereo remix

siouxsie and the banshees – fireworks

venn – ceremony

death in vegas – girls by death in vegas (featured in Lost in Translation)

…and have you seen this…

Lick the Star is a 14-minute-long black and white 16mm short film, and was the first film written and directed by Sofia Coppola back in 1998.

…love Coppola-esque videos?

Lost In Translation 2
September 13, 2009, 6:14 am
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I was listening to the soundtrack this week and feeling like I just wasn’t getting enough Lost in Translation. I really wanted more and I kind of knew what I wanted more of – so I decided I would make a Lost In Translation 2 compilation. If you love a Sofia Copolla film then you love a Brian Reitzell produced soundtrack. I have tried to retain that amazing Brian Reitzell vibe that flows thematically through all his soundtrack work which includes CQ, Marie Antoinette and of course The Virgin Suicides.

The imaginary Lost in Translation 2 picks up from where the original soundtrack finishes off and would be what you might have got on a special Deluxe Edition CD and features dialogue, found sounds and great music from Japan, Psychedelic Furs, New Order, Fluke and others. The original soudtrack did not play all the music featured in the film but the music is detailed here so perhaps there will be a real Lost in Translation 2 sometime? – while we are waiting this mixtape has a sort of anticipatory Coppola-esque 80s meets post-millennium vibe and comes to you in HQ audio so I hope you enjoy it…

Listen to the HQ audio mixtape at Mixcloud


lost in translation 2 - front
lost in translation 2 - back
lost in translation -OST - cover

If you enjoyed listening then check out Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2 which continues the atmospherics.

For completists the complete list of all the music in the original film can be found here

I also recommend these other essential Brian Reitzell curated soundtracks for your listening pleasure…

marie antoineet OST

virgin suicides OST

and these two… CQ being the soundtrack to Sofia’s brother Roman’s film and Logan’s Sanctuary an another imaginary soundtrack