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…oh those japanese and germans and thier robots…
November 13, 2010, 10:26 am
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red castle – castle of dreams
November 2, 2010, 2:10 pm
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I was thinking about the Red Castle over the weekend with Halloween and was wondering if it was still there? –  so I took a spin and oh my god it is still there – now in full abandoned glory. Unbelievable for Perth I know – it has been due for the bulldozer for ages now. So with a few snaps of my own I trawled the web to find some others and have collated some of them here to create for you this atmospheric trip down memory lane….

…But wait there is more… the Function Room looks like it could still ‘function’ (check out the shot through the window and the Knight in armour) – so I am making some enquiries… lets get King Arthur’s revolving resturaunt revolving again – anyone want to host a party with me? – THE party!!

Massive respect for the photos I found that I have included but actually belong to others…

Thanks – The Lazy Aussie – The Red Castle occassionally gets a mention on the Worst of Perth
Thanks – Bendog – ‘Photographer to the Stars’ (see Flickr) and a friend who actually took photos at a party a few years ago – I wish I had been there!!!
Thanks – Penny Lane for the incredible crumbling castle model shoot – check it out
Thanks – Matt Banks and iKacy -both who took really nice external shots and have great streams on Flickr
and there is still a Red Castle website with a tasteful exterior shot – see if you can book in?