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super wolf – a bad mutha
July 18, 2010, 6:43 am
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el ritmo – my nightclub
July 17, 2010, 7:58 am
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El ritmo is your tuesday night hi-fi journey. This show kicks off (naturally) in Brazil but then takes you on a journey by DJ through psych, deep beats, soundtrack jazz and kooky lounge – there are some HEAVY beats in there  – Claude recommends enjoy in one sitting with your headphones on and visualise in your mind that you at a very groovy nightclub where this is the sountrack and Claude is the resident DJ!!

strem it here

Tito Chicoma Y Su Orchestra – Clap Your Hands

Melchochita Y Su Orchestra – Oh Yeah

Charlie Pamomares – Vives Boogaloo

Enrique Delgado – Boogaloo Del Porro

Fania All Stars – Son Cuero Y Boogaloo

Brazil Selection – Ye Le le

O Quarteto – Os Grilos

Arthur Verocai – Presento Greco

Som Psychedelico – Ponteio

MPB4 – Agibore

Os Mutantes – A Minha Menima

Secos E Molhados – Amor

Eumir Deodato – A Grande Cacao

Bossa Tres – Imrevisto

Sunaga T Experience – Versiliana Samba

Quarteto Moderno – Mr Bond

Fez Combo – Freedom Jazz Dance

Macciato Caldo – Right Guy Meets Right Girl

Fort Knox Five – Bringing Down The Barrio

Konishi Yasaharu Pizziacato five – Readymade Shoe Repair

Johnny Trunk – Zeus

Steffano Torrosi – Fearing Much

GB martelli – Mood

Fernando Antoniio Pearson – Mellow Dancer

Tom Manoff – Mr Max

Rosco – Peacemaker

Ennio Morricone – Verushka

Ennio Morricone – Relief

Bill Plummer – The Look Of Love

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July 17, 2010, 7:19 am
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Claude Mono and Microgroove in the studio for 2 hours  = access to all genres  – 6TS mod-beat, smooth seventies soul, folky psych, born again spiritual  soul and funk , black consciousness, school band jazz, eighties boogie, hip hop beats – Paul Welller vs. Gil Scott Heron vs. Wheedles Groove – the weekend starts here…

stream it  here



the soulful strings – soulful message

dick hyman and the group – tell mama

billy larkin and the delegates – harlem shuffle

billy larkin and the delegates – dirty water

donnie elbert band – a love I believe in

odell brown – nitty gritty

the amboy dukes – more and more

the blues project – wake me shake me

no tears to cry – paul weller


jason lindh – your own house

rina sinikan – make music

shira small – eternal life

wee- leaving home

little chris and the righteous 5 – I thank you lord

californis flight project – god gifted

janko nilovic – scratching machine

john mayer and dj logic – inner city blues


young holt limited – black and white

rox – my baby left me

aretha franklin – so swell when your well

gil scott heron and brian jackson – western sunrise

the impressions – loving power

bil;ly butler – play my music

marvin gaye – love party


bolryka big band – select notes

university of miami concert band   – brombays to stardom

Numero Group and shoes DJs – eccentric beats part 1 excerpt

lenny randle – americal worker

california flight project – california flight

overton berry trio / wheedles groove 2 orchestra – humpty dumpty

overton berry trio / wheedles groove 2 orchestra – baddest

Boogie Scene Mix Videos
July 17, 2010, 6:29 am
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more very funky stuff…

Photos by the legendary Jamal Shbazz

peoples potential unlimited
July 17, 2010, 5:55 am
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peoples potential unlimited – where its at

Have been seriously getting into Peoples Potential Unlimited (PPU) Records and Tapes, the Washington DC label doing it with RESPECT for the eighties obscure boogie scene and the discovery of old cassettes in people’s garage sales or the treasures at the back of record collections. Still just in thier infancy they are doing kind of like what  Numero Group have been doing for the obscure seventies funk and soul scene and the discovery of old reel to reel masters in ex-session musos basements. I have bought a few 45s but I feel I will be buying a lot more…

There is a great interview with Founder Andrew Morgan on the DC-List.

“A few weeks back, the Library of Congress selected 25 songs it found significant enough to preserve into perpetuity. You could say Andrew Morgan is doing the same thing — except he’s a lot more genre-specific. Morgan is the force behind Peoples Potential Unlimited Records (PPU), a mail-order business focused on resurrecting and preserving the dance tunes from the early 1980s sometimes known as boogie-funk. If you’re having a hard time conceiving this sound, think of Madonna on her first album or even better, D-Train. Now imagine those folks with little money and no major label backing. You’ve now entered Andrew’s crate-digging world. What started out as a hobby selling flea market vinyl on eBay for the animator, UNC-Greensboro grad and Northern Virginia native has turned into a boutique label that’s allowed him to form bonds with artists who probably thought only their mothers knew they made an album — and, in some instances, still live with their moms…”

 Read the article and interview here

California Flight Project on PPU

JERRY J JOHNSON, captain of California Flight Project has had his hands on the controls since the 70s, soaring far above the radar, and never landing until now.  The Berkley California group has been performing and recording for years, even today, but their title “California Flight” was released only a few years ago on CD-R. For unknown reasons a vinyl record never launched in ’80.  So with PPU at co-pilot it’s time for this sublime soul vessel to take off.  Attention all passengers your California Flight number 1980 will be taking off shortly. Our destination will be to all radio stations, disc jockeys and discotheques, please secure your headphones for the sounds you are about to hear.. California Flight’s gonna take you for a ride. 7″inch black vinyl with picture sleeve.

Buy it  here

Earcave the Soul Boogie Shop run by the PPU collective is here

check these out ON FIRE…

Tri-Star – Unreleased Funk on PPU

Glass Pyramid on PPU

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