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el ritmo 6 Nov 2012
November 15, 2012, 12:39 pm
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Reconstructed from scraps of paper, memories and listening again to the show stream my freestyle extravaganza can now be appreciated even more as we all can know the selections that were played.  Yes its true, I had no plan, I had no playlist – just a box of music. Such shows are wonderful to present as I too get to make discoveries. The discovery of this show was undoubtedly  the unsurpassed beauty of Armando Trovajoli and the composition Angola Adeus. Nerver played before now in my all time Top 10.

Listen Here


Mandingo                                     Excerpts

Vampyros Lesbos                      Excerpts

Julie Felix                                      Snakeskin

Hiedi Bruhl                                   Berlin

Schulmadchen                            Soul Guitar

La Kabala                                       La Kabala

La Kabala                                       Miami Beach

James Last                                    Voodoo Lady Love

Claude Denjean                         Kiss This

Hentry Mancini                          Synphonic Soul

Peter Nero                                   Soul Ballad

Los Ros                                          Cuentame Cosas Tuyas

Los Mismos                                  Jefe Ironside

Los Roller                                      Camino Cortado

The Youngsters                          I Wanna Be Your Man

Com Os Falcoes Reais              Elle Seculo XX

Mac Rybell                                   The Lantern

Armando Trovaioli                    Angola Adeus

Gerardo  Frisina                         Jitterbug

Paolo Federghini                       Circus In C Minor

Bobby Hughes Experience    Karins Karma

Bobby Huges Experience       Jomfrun

Arp Life                                          Bu Bu

Janko Nilovic                               Drug Song

Frits Kaate & Jeanette Corde    Easy Evil

Anne Margaret                          Swingers Holiday instrumental

Novi Singers                                My Own Revolution




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