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The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show
February 19, 2011, 6:08 am
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Hey Freak-Folksters check out the new radio show and the new blog with show streams  here


comus – freak-folk
February 6, 2010, 9:59 am
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Connoisseurs of freak-folk look no further Comus are the real deal – 2010 album of the year – well its actually from 1971!!! , This stuff is totally whacked-out. They actually reformed in 2007 and still sound raw and freaky. The recently released compilation Comus – The Complete Collection is exquisitely remastered and is like an aurally induced LSD trip. Check out Comus official and Comus myspace.

Comus – The Herald

Comus – Song For Comus

The British Film Institute are releasing “Permissive”, a film made in 1970 by Lindsay Shonteff, on DVD and Blu-ray disc as part of their Flipside collection. Comus provided much of the score for this film, and also made a brief appearance in one of the scenes.

Tubular Bells
January 7, 2010, 1:07 pm
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Folk Psych-heads – Be afraid as I am sure this post will get bigger…and there is a Jethro Tull one coming too…

Mike Oldfield meets The Orb – at last!!! … and with real instruments too!!

Tubular Bells Disco – I can feel a bit of Donna Summer here…

For the purists – trust me this really gets going!!! – folk/prog rock heaven for sure

…No actually this is folk/rock prog heaven…I wish I had been there chilling with them

behind the scenes…

and if you are a real folk-head and don’t happen to have a 20 piece orchestra…

and after some searching…. Tubular Bells Side 1 played on church bells – oh yeah!!!!

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Folk, Funk and Heavy Soul Compilation
November 29, 2009, 12:25 pm
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Your perfect summer travelling companion has arrived. Every track is essential – in a non-essential kind of way. Beautiful acoustic sounds, trippy beats, haunting vocals and intense production. The Soulsides Claude Mono Deluxe Edition as played live on November 20 2009. Completely re-recorded and enhanced with extra tracks and a complete new Part 3 which never went to air as the show is only 2 hours. No ads and no talking – just the music – download all three parts @256 kpbs for your iPod or Sony cassette walkman – music for pleasure.

Stream the original show here or download below.

Part 1

Gary Far – Don’t Know Why You Bother Child – Feber Folk Compilation

Rotary Connection – Want You to Know – Songs

Terry Callier- Song Of The Sun – What Colour is Love

Christine Harwood – Wooden Ships – Feel the Spirit Compilation

Pierre Duchamp – Beach Buggy – Mighty Mellow Volume 2

Phil Upchurch – Crosstown Traffic – Upchurch

Phil Upchurch – Black Gold – Upchurch

David Axelrod – Pula Yette – The Edge

Barbara and Ernie – My Love and I – Prelude

Nick Drake and Marvin Gaye – Northern Soul – White Label

Richard Evans – Angela My Sister – Right On Volume 3

David Snell – Crab Apple Jam – Mighty Mellow Volume 1

Earth Wind and Fire – Power  – Last Days and Time

Earth Wind and Fire – Bad Tune – Right On Volume 1

Part 2

Linda Lewis – Waterbaby – Lark

Linda Lewis – Spring Rain – Lark

Ouutkast – Prototype – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

The Impressions – Potent Love – Time Have Changed

Eddie Kendricks – Date With The Rain – People Hold On

Pete Jolly – Plummer Park – Mighty Mellow Volume 2

Wee – Aeroplane – You Can Fly On My Aeroplane

Chairman of The Board – Morning Glory – Heavy Soul Compilation

Prince – Mountains – Extended Remix

Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23 – As We Travel Compilation

The Isley Brothers – Lay Lady Lay – Givin It Back

Minnie Riperton – Lovin You – Perfect Angel

Part 3

Kenny Rankin – In The name Of Love – From Burbank to The Bay Area Compilation

Batteaux – High Tide – Batteaux

Jackie and Roy – Didn’t Want To Have To Do It – Love Compilation

Ashley Slater – Private Sunshine – Secret Love Vol 1 Compilation

Thief – If There was a Love – Sunchild

Donovan – Get Thy Bearings – The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Fifty Foot House – Rose – Might Mellow

Tonio Rubio – Bass In Action No 7 – Mighty Mellow 3

The Tempatatiosn – Message from a Black Man – Psychedelic Soul

Lou Rawls/David Axelrod – Lifetime Monologue – The Edge

Broths Johnson – Come Together – Greatest Hits

Ramsay Lewis – Les Fleur – Maiden Voyage

Minnie Riperton – Les Fleur – Come to my Garden

Minnie Riperton Gets a Sonic Love Letter

by John Murph

For a commercial flop from 1970, Minnie Riperton’s solo debut album, Come to My Garden, has made a considerable impact, serving as a signature touchstone for one of today’s most celebrated electronica acts. The disc picked up on the heady psychedelic soul Riperton had concocted with Rotary Connection — and, more significantly, producer Charles Stepney, who went on to produce some of Earth, Wind & Fire’s finest mid-’70s classics.

Distinguished by haunting string and brass orchestrations and a soulful bottom end, Come to My Garden was roundly dismissed at the time of its release. But, thanks in large part to the British duo 4Hero, it has become a cult classic. In 1998, 4Hero made a pivotal artistic turn with Two Pages by complementing menacing drum ‘n’ bass rhythms with lush, transportive orchestrations. The band admitted that Come to My Garden served as a key influence. Then, five years later, 4Hero paid a magnificent tribute to that album with its rendition of Riperton’s “Le Fleur,” a trippy tune sung from a flower’s point of view.

The majestic “Morning Child” continues in 4Hero’s tradition of writing sonic love letters to Riperton. As with “Le Fleur,” it features Carina Andersson, whose crystalline soprano and remarkable control make her Riperton’s heir apparent. Lyrically, “Morning Child” hearkens to early-’70s “Age of Aquarius” sentiments, as Andersson expounds on the joys of being an infant. The song sounds surprisingly optimistic when placed alongside some of the disc’s darker material. But when channeling a voice as incandescent as Riperton’s, sanguinity is almost guaranteed.

Nick Drake vs. Marvin Gaye
August 1, 2009, 9:58 am
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Nick Drake vs. Marvin Gaye – could it work? – is it sacrilege?

nick drake

Its the annual Claude Mono Nick Drake Festival – a week where Claude does nothing (well musically speaking) except listen to Nick Drake’s complete body of work over and over again. You can do this in a week and still have taken a very deep dive into Tanworth-in-Arden and a journey into the very soul of what music and musicianship is all about. As a part of this year’s celebrations I was over at Nick and was alerted to a fine piece of work which I believe is credited to (although possibly not authorised by the estate) to an orange coloured robot called nemzob and can be found here  But you can check it out right here by clicking the little button.

P.S. It works for me.

pete townshend – funky and almost shuggie otis-like?
July 11, 2009, 9:49 am
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Keeping with the Pete Towshend theme – I am listening to a lot of this right now – Pete Townshends’ first solo album Who Came First is my recommended starting point for complete solo works by Pete Townshend. The album has a a soulful funky vibe with some tracks sounding almost Shuggie Otis-like, plus you also get some beautiful acoustic work and you get early versions of Who classics such as Lets See Action and Pure and Easy – I actually thinks Pete’s solo versions of Who songs across his vast body of work are generally more interesting and melodic and complex than the Who versions themselves and make for great comparisons against the Who versiosn which do have incredible elements via Mssrs  Daltrey, Moon and Entwhistle.

Listen below to his first single Forever’s No Time At All of the Who Came First LP in 1971 and sung by Billy Nicholls and go here for neat stuff


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pete townshend rarities – genius at work
July 11, 2009, 9:27 am
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pete townshend 1968I first got into Pete Townshend’s demos and outtakes many years ago with a vinyl purchase of Scoop – a double LP featuring a pile of great music including a home recording of a very young Pete doing So Sad About Us direct to reel to reel and which starts of with background traffic music and Pete advising any future time-travellers that “this is a very special and very rare early recording of Pete Townshend performing solo with his guitar in his bedroom”. The Scoop concept expanded out over a decade  to be 3 LP sets the original Scoop, Another Scoop and finally Scoop 3. The early demos of Who classics such as Pinball Wizard and Substitute are great but the real treasures are the more obscure tracks and musical experiments  from throughout his lengthy career. More recently my interest was rekindled through three great pick ups – firstly  a bootleg of Pete’s original Quadrophenia Demos which has amazingly different versions of some of the best tracks of the legendary Quadrophenia double album – then my purchase of the Who’s Next Deluxe Edition which apart from having two discs of incredibly remastered music also includes the story of Lifehouse which I discovered has a release available through Pete’s own Eel Pie online shop called Lifehouse Chronicles.  A six-CD set that collects songs and other compositions relating to Lifehouse, a musical concept developed by Townshend in 1970 as a follow up to The Who’s highly successful rock opera, Tommy. Rooted heavily in the teachings of Townshend’s spiritual mentor Meher Baba as well as in science fiction literature, Lifehouse was meant to explore the idea that music is the fundamental basis of all life – that every human being on Earth has a unique musical melody that “describes” them, and only them, perfectly. Unfortunately Lifehouse as originally conceived never got to see the light od day – read they story here.

album-scoop-3album-another-scooppete townshend scoop

Buy Scoop, Another Scoop or Scoop 3

This mixtape has a selection of acoustic work and demos from the sixties right through to an awe-inspiring thundering instrumental 9 minute full take of Baba O’Riley that is so powerful Roger Daltey is not even needed in the room. This is just a taster for your iPOD and only skims the surface of this mans work – genius at work – I think I’ll get started on another.

 Quadrophenia (unused piano)

So Sad About Us

Bell Boy

Love Reign O’er Me

Im One

Can You See The Real Me

Magic Bus

The Music Must Change

Sister Disco



Themes on Dirty Jobs

Baba O’Riley (instrumental)


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