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knights of the black vinyl 45s turntable tournament
August 15, 2010, 2:56 am
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The Knights of the Black Vinyl Turntable Tournament was indeed extra FAT!
Following long journeys to this day through the shires and the valleys five brave Funk/Soul/Disco Knights were to arrive in the arena… Sir Jim (Pearson) – The cigar chomping Lord of the Radio Fremantle Airwaves and host of the Tournament (Soul Purpose/Coconut Club), Sir Boogieman – The Collector (Double Bump Crew/RTR’s Soulsides), Sir Claude (Mono) of the Kooky (RTRFM Soulsides/El Ritmo), the all powerful Sir Charles Bucket (Funk Club/Perth’s No.1 Hip Hop DJ), and the previously unannounced but brave young contender Sir Jimmy Mac (Double Bump Crew/Soul Purpose)…alas at short notice Sir Charles was summoned to rescue a fair maiden and did not reach the arena and thus his final Turntable Tournament score would be less than he would have sought and his honor indeed dented although in the days and weeks that followed he would claim it be “just a flesh wound”.

The Tournament commenced as Sir Jim reminded those tuned in to the arena and the brave Knights to be fair and honourable in their jousting and of those most important rules of the tournament. There twill verily be 4 categories: Soul/Funk/Disco/SisterFunk, all Knights would joust each round 1 track per Knight. Back to back action. Towards the final joust there would also be a 1 drop each JB tribute 45. Each track to be given thee traditional thumb up or down by the Knight’s peers based on it’s dopeness. Shouts and messages from those listening could yield further points in the quest. Each joust to be led off by host Sir Jim.

…and so to the Battle Royale…

Joust 1 – Soul (also showing jousting order all jousts)
JJ Barnes – How Long – Sir Jim P
The Vibrations – Shake It Up – Sir Jim M
Mark Capanni – I Believe In Miracles – Sir Boogie
Last Flight – Don’t Give Up Your Love – Sir Claude

Joust 2 – Soul Funk
Eddy Jacobs Exchange – Love Your Pain Goes Deep
Ruth Brown – You’re a Stone Groovy Thing
Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You
TK Murray – Brown Sugar

Joust 3 – Funk
Vasse Corporation – One More Day (KD Edit)
Rare Gems Odyssey – What Is Funk
Ballin Jack – Found A Child
Abraham and The Metronomes – Party

Joust 4 – Funk
Wil Collins and Willpower – Lay It Play It
Edwin Starr – Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On
Kool and The Gang – Spirit Of The Boogie
Willie Hutch – Slick

Joust 5 – Disco Boogie
Asphalt Jungle – Freakin Time
Edwin Starr – I Just Wanna Do My Thing
Shalamar – Take It To The Bank
Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

Joust 6 – Tribute to JB
Mr James Brown – Slaughters Theme
Marve Whitney – Unwind Yourself
Mr James Brown – Got Ants In My Pants
Mr James Brown – Its A Mans Mans World

Joust 7 – SisterFunk
Gloria Walker and the Chevelles – Hit You Spot
Ruby Andrews – You Made a Believer Out of Me
Lyn Collins – Mama Feel Good
The Aristocrats Organization – Don’t Go

Highlights/Bonus Points/Deductions

Claude -1 for Cheryl Lynn as Boogs had the original press in his box and Claude only a cheapo press

Jim P -1 and +1 for Vasse Corp as Claude thought he had in the box but left it at home

Jim P +1 for Freakin Time – multiple thumbs up

Jim M -1 for another Edwin Starr track in the next joust

Jim P + 1 again and again for all his personal callers

Claude +1 for the Tri-Fire singles on PPU Records used for talking over – very funky

Jim P +1 for the retro record case with the seatbelt – belt up those 45s for a safe ride

Boogie +1 for name-checks in song titles

Boogie -1 or should that be +1 for the Shalamar picture sleeve – very 80s

And the final scores…

Listen in on the show stream on the Radio Fremantle Program Archives Saturday 5pm – listen here


Sir Jim P Record Box with Seat Belt built in

Sir Jim M – His best Record Box – must be hard times…

Sir Boogie -1 point deduction for dressing like his sleeve art


Nia dancing to Ghetto Heaven by the Family Stand at age 3
August 13, 2010, 2:56 pm
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Proto Disco
August 13, 2010, 11:22 am
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The Last Days of Disco 2
August 13, 2010, 10:17 am
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If you loved Claude Mono presents The Last Days of Disco then I have just re-upped it  just in time for the weekend but gone further and deeper and added this cosmic boogie…

play right now here

…and check out the tunes….

last days of disco vol 2 – cosmic boogie

intro …

midnight express – breeze it

checker kabb – by my side

glass pyramid – better by the minute

cosmic force – ghetto down

galaxy – visions of tomorrow

jackie stoudemire – invisible wind instrumental

cloud one – patty duke

sexual harassment – I need a freak

orlando riva sound – moon boots

space rock – rockets

space cadets – spaced outta place

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