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el ritmo
February 27, 2010, 5:30 am
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Your el ritmo global hi- fi journey starts with mellow bossa and moves through jazzy lounge, library, sixties beat, baroque and afro funk – I can dig that…

If you have not heard Crysal Illusions by Sergio Mendes or John Andrews Tartagalia then you have extra reasons for listening…

listen here

The Playlist

Stan Getz                                  Only Trust Your Heart

Antonio Carlos Jobim                Rockanalia

Sergio Mendes                          Crystal Illusions

Lalo Schiffrin                             Jim On The Move

Ray Martin                                 Girl In The White Coat

Parrafin Jack Flash                    Blue n Groovy

David Snell                                International Flight

The Harry Roche Constellation    Pinball Wizard

John Andrews Tartagalia            A Day In The Life

John Andrews Tartagalia            Light My Fire

Los Admiradores                       The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Nico Gomez                              Caballo Negro

Ajo Y Su Organo Oriental           Black is Black

Mr Kicks                                    Eldee Young

Earl Grant                                  House of Bamboo

Buddy Greco                             Fever

The New Swing Sextet                Monkey See Monkey Do

Summertime                              George Benson Quartet

Listen Here                                Eddie Harris

Googie Rene Combo                 Smokey Joes La La

Billy Hawkins                             Whip It On Me

Mankini                                      Sal Davis

The African Brothers                  Sakatumbe

Marijata                                     Mother Africa

The Sweet Talks                         Kye Kye Pe Aware

Matata                                       I Feel Funky

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pulp – this is hardcore
February 21, 2010, 11:33 am
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essential LPs – Kashmere Stage Band
February 20, 2010, 11:42 am
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Theme From Shaft – Kashmere Stage Band – Texas Thunder Soul – Now Again Records

All Praises – Kashmere Stage Band – Texas Thunder Soul – Now Again Records

As featured on the Soulsides radio show everytime any one of the DJs has to name one of thier all-time favourite LPs. I never real new that school band funk was a genre until I discovered The Kashmere Stage Band and this album which defines the genre. In Houston, Texas, Conrad O. Johnson pursued a lofty goal with his stage band at Kashmere High School, a predominantly black school located in the city’s north end (referred to in Houston as “Kashmere Gardens”). He wanted to lead not only the best high school stage band in Texas, but the best high school stage band in the world.

If you want want more than just the music and to immerse yourself beyond the grooves then check out some beautiful thoughts that were captured in a letter written by Egon Allapat of Now Again Records in Feb 2009 just after Johnston’s death. The letter was written by Egon to help the family raise funds to pay funeral expenses. You can read Egon’s letter here on the totally FAB Nerdtorious blog.

Learn about Conrad Johnson and the Kashmere Stage Band with this quality radio spot on NPR featuring interviews and tracks  – listen here

Learn more about the phenomenal LP issued on Now Again Records here


Want more? – then get more school band funk with these totally on it LPs

Frayker has amazing compilations up for your listening pleasure on his blog.

Compiled by DJ Shadow Schoolhouse Funk Volume 1 and 2 are unsurpassed in thier rawness and essential turntable companions to The Kashmere Stage Band. This was the first release on the Cali-Tex label, compiled by Shadow under the alias “Motorcycle John.” It was also THE first compilation to highlight obscure high-school and lab band records. The version of Rod Stewart’s own Do Ya Think I’m Sexy done by a testosterone fueled male student is a highlight as I am sure it was for his parents back in the day.

– War Is A Ghetto – of School House Funk Vol 1 – (…real deepness here…)

Vital Trivia – The Cali-Tex logo was designed by Shadow’s father, who provided the illustration.

School Me Volume 1 on the appropriately titled Stage Band Research Label (oh yeah) offers the promise of further volumes.. from the covernotes…

“We present you with white bands, black bands, mixed bands… bands from well endowed universities and those from impoverished, overlooked high schools… bands from the sticks and those from the bricks… Bands who obviously worshipped James Brown and those who inspired by Cream. We’ve focused on the era between 1968 and 1975 for this compilation. But this is only the beginning. Let’s hope it doesn’t take us a decade to find enough to make it to volume two”

Lots of stuff as good as this….

Compared To What – TSU Jazz Ensemble – School Me Vol 1 – Stage Band Research Records

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purple behaviour
February 19, 2010, 11:01 am
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Internationalists on el ritmo
February 14, 2010, 2:48 am
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Inspired by the joys of pulling together a set in languages other than English for the #2 Sunday Session up on the Terrace at Connections I thought I would recreate the set in all its glory especially for El Ritmo. Expect Exotica, calming songs from Hawaii, the chants of Tibetan Monks, Pan Pipes, Kylie Minogue in French, Pizzicato Five vs. Kraftwerk, and lots of Eastern European bizzarica…

Listen here

Baz Sheva – Lust

Franco Micallizi – Cresendo

The Creatures – Inda Ole

Beastie Boys – Shambala

George Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd

Serge Gainsbourg and Howie B – Melody

Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me (French Version0

Antana – Toujes De Soliel

Antena – Canino Del Sol (Remi9x)

Greyboy – Mastered The Art (Nicola Conte)

Frank Hernandez – Bertlevento Blues

Tobi Tob – Ford Taurus (Pop Shopping Remix)

Yamasuki – Yama Mama

Pizzicato Five – Twiggy Twiggy vs James Bond

Stefi Afkos – Marijuana Cha Cha

Ennio Morricone – Metta Giridondo

Ennio Morricone – Una Spagglia

Brigit Bardot – Contact

Pixxicato Five and Kraftwerk – Contact

Kraftwerk – Pocjek Calculator (German Version)

Showman – Voglio retore Solo

Wilson Simonal – Na Baixa de Sapatiera

Tono Tornado – Sue Negro

Antonio Carlos e Jocaf – Simarere

Manu Dibango – Danjwa

Moussa Doumbia – Keleya

Ersen – Gunese Don Cicegim

Sarolta Saltanay – Ince Ince

San Ui Lim – Frustration

Edip Akbaybam – Yaralarim

Selda – Nehmet Emm

Phillipe Besombes – Hache 06

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Primitive London – discover the Flipside
February 7, 2010, 4:09 am
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The Flipside from BFI Video publishing is a set of weird and wonderful British films in high-quality editions on DVD and Blu-ray. The series is now firmly established and acclaimed, with a diverse selection of previously ‘lost’ British films – from ‘B’ movies to studio pictures and beyond. Learn more here.

Permissive features the crazy out there sounds of Comus

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February 6, 2010, 1:00 pm
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Senator Clay Davis – The Wire…

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