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Soulsides 14 July 2017
July 15, 2017, 4:51 am
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Soulsides presents

Two guys who love to boogaloo…Microgroove and Claude Mono

Listen to the re-stream here – select 14 July 2017


Soul Generation

Them Two – Am I A Good Man

Vernon Garrett – Keep On Forgiving You

The Soul Brothers Inc – That Loving Feeling

Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis – Baby I Love You

Professor Earl Lett – We Oughta Get Together – The Story of Professor Earl Lett

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Iron Leg

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Football – Iron Leg: The Complete Micky and the Soul Generation

Lenis Guess – Why Why Whyd She Leave Me?

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Mystery Girl – Iron Leg: The Complete Micky and the Soul Generation

Gate – Chocolate Puddin – Praise Poems Voulme 5

Dusty Springfield with Burt Bacharach – The Look of Love – Casino Royale OST

Kadhja Bonet – Remember the Rain (Live) – The Visitor

Tom Jones with Portishead – Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child- Reload

Scott Cunningham Band – Anita – Praise Poems Volume 5

Don Gardner – You Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Roy Porter Sound Machine – Love You – The Story Of Roy Porter Sound Machine 1971-1975

Seeds of Fulfilment – Solemn Solitude

Odyssey Group – Midnight and You

The Three Js – Chalito – Praise Poems Volume 3

Billy Storm and the Tempests   Apologise

Carol Veal – H’way of Love

William Cummings – Your Soul Searching Love

Clarence Reid – I Get My Kicks

Adrian Younge – Winter Is Here (Instrumental) – Something About April !! (The Instrumentals)

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Going To A Go Go

Betty Boo – Spellbound – Detroit a go go

P.J. – TLC

Joe Mason – Let It Out – Totally Wired Volume 5

Turner Brothers – Cause I Love You

Sisters of Love – You’ve Got My Mind

Sisters of Love – Now is the Time

Tom Jones and Ella Fitzgerald – Sunny




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a totally wired feel good jazzy soul trip
October 29, 2016, 4:05 am
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Soulsides presents a totally wired feel good jazzy soul trip hosted by Claude Mono


show re-stream here – select 28 Oct 2016


Cookie Thomas – Black Velvet Soul

Gloria Rosebud Black – Would You Believe

Jack Jacobs – I Believe Its Alright

Freddie Cole – Brother Where Are You

Eunice Collins – At the Hotel Pt1 and Pt2

Booker T and the MGs – McLemore Avenue

The Royal VII – Its An Explosion

Bobby Byrd – Lost In The Crowd

Toby Cooper – The Guru

Brooklyn People – Peace and Love

The Undisputed Truth – Big John Is My Name

James Mason – Sweet Power Your Embrace

artist unknown – track unknown – crate diggers help please??

Tony Hester – Spaceland

Jimmy Conwell – Cigarette Ashes

Stanley Mitchell – Get It Baby

Jerry & The Medicine Men  – The Medicine Man Part 2

The Fabulous Mark III – Psycho (Pts. 1 & 2)

US Warren – The Drop

Frank Huston – Old Man Me

Herbie Mann – Hijack

Jack Jacobs – I Believe It’s Alright

Kent Schnieder – The Church is within us oh Lord

Gloria “Rosebud” Black – Would You Believe.

Lewell Williams – The Lonely Hunter

Elois Scott – Broadway Love

Jorge Darden – Alone Again

Wendell Harrison – Farewell To The Welfare Pt. 1

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Soulsides – The Accumulated Gestures
October 29, 2011, 6:18 am
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One of  Soulside’s favourite sons, master-vocalist and producer whizz-kid DonovanThe Accumulated Gestures” de Souza celebrates the recent launch of new album “A More Permanent Impermence” by taking a night off…and coming in to the RTRFM studio to program the whole show. A suitcase of wax (see picture above) and a lot of sweet inspiration all flowing freely as some of Donovan’s inspirations include Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Prince, The Isley Brothers, Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, Babyface, D’Angelo, Maxwell, The Roots, J Dilla, Russell Elevado, Earth Wind and Fire, Jamiroquai, Fiona Apple, Laura Nyro, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Bread, Rick Price… see what he played and have a listen below… RIGHT ON

Listen HERE


Salena Jones – Am I The Same Girl – Everybody Is Talkin About Salena Jones

Arthur Conley – Hearsay – Soul Directions

Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming – No Time For Dreaming

Darondo – I’m Gonna Love Him – Listen To My Song: Magic City Sessions

Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can – Yes We Can

D’Angelo – Me and those Dreamin Eyes of Mine – Brown Sugar

Jill Scott – Bedda At Home – Beautiffuly Human Words and Sounds Vol 2

Lou Courtney – I Don’t Need Nobody Else – I’m In Need Of Love

Sam Dees – Warn Out Broken Heart – The Show Must Go On

The Impressions – We Must Be In Love – Check Out Your Mind

Alice Clark – Never Did I Stop Loving You- Alice Clark

Stevie Wonder – If You Really Love Me – Where I’m Coming From

Donnie – Do You Know – The Coloured Section

Lou Courtney – Hot Butter’n All Pt1 – 45

The Temptations – Shakey Ground – A Song For You

David Ruffin – I Can’t Be Hurt Anymore – David

Marvin Gaye – Come Get To This – Lets Get It On

Frankie Beverley and the Butlers – Because of My Heart – 45

Doris Duke – The Feeling Is Right- I’m A Loser

Shameem Taheri-Lee – Strawberry  (EXCLUSIVE – thanks)                 

Gloria Scott – What Am I Gonna Do – What Am I Gonna Do

Robin Thicke – Sidestep – Something Else

The Accumulated Gestures – WhatUNeed – A More Permanent Impermanence

D-Train – You’re the One For Me – D-Train

Prince – Partyup – Dirty Mind

The Brother Johnson – Light Up The Night – Light Up The Night

Leroy Hutson – All Because Of You – Hutson

Soulsides Vs Soul Purpose 45s Battle
September 28, 2011, 12:40 pm
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The Soulsides Radio Show and the Soul Purpose Radio Show 45s Battle ROYALE

Perth’s two premier soul and funk radio shows meet again face to face!!! … Its Perth vs. Fremantle… North vs. South….  Eastside vs Westside… as  Claude Mono and The FoxMan take on Jim P and  Tim K in an exclusive 2 hour 45s throw-down in the sequel to the battle recently fought down in the Port City…Its a Toast To The Boogie









You Be The Judge…

Listen Here


Sam and Dave – Baby Baby Don’t Stop Now

Edwin Starr – Agent Double OO Soul

The Isley Brothers – Don’t Give It Away

Frank Wilson – Do I Love You

The Triumphs – I’m Coming To Your Rescue

Kings Go Forth – Now Were Gone

Thelma Houston – Jumpin Jack Flash

Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone To Long

100 Proof Aged In Soul and New York Port Authority – I’m Mad As Hell

Leroy and the Drivers – Sad Chicken

The Fatback Band – Backstrokin

Joe Quartermain – I’m a Young Man

Sweet Inspirations – Evidence

The Barkays – AJ The House Fly

Gloria Walker and the Chevellles – You Hit The Spot Baby

Lyn Colllins – Take Me Not As I am

Vernon Garrett – Little Black Woman

Black Stash – Mighty Love Man

Rick James – SuperFreak

Ted Taylor – Something Strange Is Going On In My Heart

Joe Bataan – The Bottle

Frantique – Strut Your Funky Stuff

John Davis – I Cant Stop

Ingram – Stylin and Profiling

Sound Experience – Blow Your Mind

Harvey and the Phenomenals – Soul and Sunshine

Manzell – Space Funk

Harry Diamond – Givin Up

Rufus and Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody

Achil Funk – I Believe In Miracles

Voodoo Funk – Mi Boogaloo

Stovall Sisters – Hang On In There

July 10, 2011, 10:53 am
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LIsten Here


Jimmy Castor – Psycho Man – 45

Benny Poole – I Can Dig It – 45

Nathaniel Mayer – I Don’t Want No Bald Headed Woman Telling Me What To Do – 45

The Animals – I am Crying – 45

General Crook – Till Then – 45

Betty Everett – The Shoe Won’t Fit – 45

Martha Reeves – No One There – 45

Natural Yoghurt Band – Track 1 – Tuck In With …

Beastie Boys – B Boys In The Cut – 45

Jimmy Smith – Bashin – 45

Fathers Children –  Linda – Who’s Gonna Save The World

Fathers Children – Fathers Children – Who’s Gonna Save The World

The Accumulated Gestures  – Woman Pt1 and 2 (feat Odette Mercy) – A Permanent Impermance

The Accumulated Gestures – You Don’t Have To Go – A Permanent Impermance

Mayer Hawthorne – Your Easy Lovin Aint Pleasin Nothin – A Strange Arrangement

Albert King – I Love Lucy – King of the Blues Guitar

Ramsay Lewis – You Made Me So Very Happy – The Piano Player

Ralph Graham – I Don’t Want To Play The Game – Differently

Ronnie Dyson – The More You Do It – The More You Do It

Gene Harris – Koko And Lee Roe – Nexus

Pharoa Sanders – Gotta Give It Up – Love Will Find A Way

Smokey Robinson – Wanna Know My Mind – Smokey

Eddie Senay – Phase 1 – Step By Step

Eddie Senay – Aint No Sunshine – Hot Thang

Do It Again – Terry Callier – Turn You To Love

Margaret Singana – Why Did You Do It – Tribal Face

The Step Kids – La La – EP

Willie Wright – Right On For The Darkness


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June 11, 2011, 12:01 pm
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Make It Feal Real — oh yeah — Make It Feel Real

Listen HERE


Wilson Pickett – Engine No 9 (Kenny Dope)

SJOB Movement – Stone Funk

The Cutlass Band – Obiari Wando

Rabbits and Carrots – Give It Up Turn It Loose

Andre Tankier – Swahili

Baby Charles – Jackson Fingers

Gil Scott Heron – Space Shuttle

John Mayer and DJ Logic – Inner City Blues (live)

Numero meets Shoes – Eccentric Breakbeats

Scott Cunningham – Morning Madness

Mell Britt – Shell Come Running Back

TK Murray – Brown Sugar

Stapel Singers – Trippin On Your Love

TL Barret – Like s Ship

Eddie Kendricks – Date With the Rain

The Impressions – Potent Love

Chairman of the Board – Morning Glory Life and Death

Lee Fields – My World

Isley Brothers – Ohio

The Stepkids – La La

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honky tonk – soulsides
April 30, 2011, 8:29 am
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Its a Claude Mono Deluxe Edition!!! – 100% honky tonk, R&B, doo wop, blues and soul, JB flavours … Mr Mono says “SOLID”

listen here

bardu and his orchestra – boogie rebop
three bits of bacon – yas yas yas
the mariners – zindy lou
guitar jones – roll roll roll
james brown – can you feel it
preacher stevens – whoopin and a hollerin
sil austin – slow walk
etta james – W.O.M.A.N.
james brown – somebody changed the lock on my door
james brown band – limbo jimbo
barbara king – what I did in the street
doloris ealy – its about time I made a change
the flames – infatuation
baby lloyd – something on your mind
yvonne fair – you can make it if you try
king coleman – three soulful mice
james brown – good rockin tonight
elsie may – whole lot of loving
james brown and the JBs – devils den (live)
bad boys – black olives
bo diddley – black soul
clarence garlow – the new bon ton roulay
bo diddley – I don’t like you
james brown – sumpin else
the jewels – papa’s left me holdingthe bag
dizzy jones – just as soon as you play
big ella – too hot to handle
the dapps – bringing up the guitar
lee austin – tuti fruiti
james brown – papa’s got a brand new bag pt 1 pt 2
creed taylor orchestra – the nervous beat
james brown – don’t deceive me
major lance – the matador
major lance – rhythm
kent and the candidates – trouble