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Soulsides 14 July 2017
July 15, 2017, 4:51 am
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Soulsides presents

Two guys who love to boogaloo…Microgroove and Claude Mono

Listen to the re-stream here – select 14 July 2017


Soul Generation

Them Two – Am I A Good Man

Vernon Garrett – Keep On Forgiving You

The Soul Brothers Inc – That Loving Feeling

Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis – Baby I Love You

Professor Earl Lett – We Oughta Get Together – The Story of Professor Earl Lett

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Iron Leg

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Football – Iron Leg: The Complete Micky and the Soul Generation

Lenis Guess – Why Why Whyd She Leave Me?

Mickey and the Soul Generation – Mystery Girl – Iron Leg: The Complete Micky and the Soul Generation

Gate – Chocolate Puddin – Praise Poems Voulme 5

Dusty Springfield with Burt Bacharach – The Look of Love – Casino Royale OST

Kadhja Bonet – Remember the Rain (Live) – The Visitor

Tom Jones with Portishead – Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child- Reload

Scott Cunningham Band – Anita – Praise Poems Volume 5

Don Gardner – You Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Roy Porter Sound Machine – Love You – The Story Of Roy Porter Sound Machine 1971-1975

Seeds of Fulfilment – Solemn Solitude

Odyssey Group – Midnight and You

The Three Js – Chalito – Praise Poems Volume 3

Billy Storm and the Tempests   Apologise

Carol Veal – H’way of Love

William Cummings – Your Soul Searching Love

Clarence Reid – I Get My Kicks

Adrian Younge – Winter Is Here (Instrumental) – Something About April !! (The Instrumentals)

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Going To A Go Go

Betty Boo – Spellbound – Detroit a go go

P.J. – TLC

Joe Mason – Let It Out – Totally Wired Volume 5

Turner Brothers – Cause I Love You

Sisters of Love – You’ve Got My Mind

Sisters of Love – Now is the Time

Tom Jones and Ella Fitzgerald – Sunny




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Sunshine Soul Mixtape
January 2, 2016, 7:07 am
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soulsides sunshine soul 2016 crop (Medium)

Its a heat wave… and Claude Mono is popping fire hydrants Bronx style with two hours of very funky jazzy sunshine soul – a soundtrack that is like a cool breeze on a hot still day

It was too hot to be outside so I made a mixtape of the tracks played on the RTRFM Soulsides Radio Show New Years Day Special 2016.

Here – Re-stream the show – select 1 Jan 2016 edition

Here – Mixcloud HQ Audio Mix


Intro – New York Heat Wave – Popping Fire Hydrants

Bill Withers – Lovely Day – Greatest Hits

Seu Jorge – Everybody Loves the Sunshine – Seu Jorge And Almaz

Wee – Leavin You Alone – You Can Fly On My Aeroplane

Ju Par Universal Orchestra Beauty and the Beast – Moods and Grooves

Isaac Hayes and Millie Jackson – Sweet Music Soft Lights and You

Kool and The Gang Summer Madness (Roy Ayers Vocal) – Light of Worlds

Jimmy Owens – Whats The Use – Jimmy Owens

Moody – Lonely Jelly- The Gentle Rain

The Jackson Five – Skywriter – Maybe Tomorrow

Artist Unknown – Let The Children Play – Boddie Acetates Box

Eddie Fisher and Allan (Dealth) Merry and Yodi Gang – Homeboy Pt1 – Eccentric Soul  The Young Disciples

Shirley Brown – Love Starved – Sweet Taste Of Sin

Sweet Stuff – Freaky To You – California Soul

Eramus Hall – Your Love is My Desire – Your Love is My Desire

Prophets of Peace – Get It On – Purple Snow

Embryo – Knast Funk – Apo-Calypso

Rodney Trotter – Space Nigga – California Soul 2

Dee Felice Trio – There Was A Time – James Browns Funky People 3 Vol 3

Freddie Cole – Brother Where Are You – What Is Wrong With Groovin

Johnnie Taylor – Steal Away – Wattstax Deluxe Edition

Edna Wright – Oops Here I Go Again – Strange Soul –

Gil Scott Heron – I Think I’ll Call It Morning – Pieces Of A man

Isaac Hayes – Menage a Trois – New Horizon


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honky tonk – soulsides
April 30, 2011, 8:29 am
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Its a Claude Mono Deluxe Edition!!! – 100% honky tonk, R&B, doo wop, blues and soul, JB flavours … Mr Mono says “SOLID”

listen here

bardu and his orchestra – boogie rebop
three bits of bacon – yas yas yas
the mariners – zindy lou
guitar jones – roll roll roll
james brown – can you feel it
preacher stevens – whoopin and a hollerin
sil austin – slow walk
etta james – W.O.M.A.N.
james brown – somebody changed the lock on my door
james brown band – limbo jimbo
barbara king – what I did in the street
doloris ealy – its about time I made a change
the flames – infatuation
baby lloyd – something on your mind
yvonne fair – you can make it if you try
king coleman – three soulful mice
james brown – good rockin tonight
elsie may – whole lot of loving
james brown and the JBs – devils den (live)
bad boys – black olives
bo diddley – black soul
clarence garlow – the new bon ton roulay
bo diddley – I don’t like you
james brown – sumpin else
the jewels – papa’s left me holdingthe bag
dizzy jones – just as soon as you play
big ella – too hot to handle
the dapps – bringing up the guitar
lee austin – tuti fruiti
james brown – papa’s got a brand new bag pt 1 pt 2
creed taylor orchestra – the nervous beat
james brown – don’t deceive me
major lance – the matador
major lance – rhythm
kent and the candidates – trouble

Soulsides – Deluxe
December 18, 2010, 5:54 am
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listen here

For the good citizens of Soulsville a Claude Mono Deluxe Edition …

Earth Wind and Fire – Power
Rotary Connection – I Want You To Know
4Hero – Morning Child (Inst) I Have A Dream
The Impressions – Potent Love
Marvin Gaye – I Want You
Tribute To Diamond D – Beatnik
Lady Daisey – Goes Down Like
Minnie Ripperton – Everytime He Comes Around
Eunice Collins – At The Hotel
The Sisters Love – You’ve Got My Mind
The Natural Four – Count On Me
Wee – Leavin You Alone
Outkast – Prototype
Eccentric Breaks and Beats – Part 1
Pete Rock and CL Smooth – Appreciate (inst)
Lady Daisey – 4:00 AM
3 Stars – Jersey Slide
Cindy and the Playmates – What Are You Going To Do
The Sacred Four – Someone’s Watching
Jordan Travellers – God Will Answer
James Austin – I’ll Take Jesus For Mine
Kings Go Forth – One Day
The Royal VII – Its an Explosion Pt 1 and Pt 2
Kearney Barton Wheadles Groove – Everything good Is Bad
Lack of Afro – At The Club
Grant Green – Let The Music Take Your mind (DJ Muro)

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Lovely Day
October 30, 2010, 7:18 am
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Bill Withers – Lovely Day – Biz Mix

Photo by mirroballet

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Stark Reality – on film
October 30, 2010, 6:32 am
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Monty Stark

The Stark Reality

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knights of the black vinyl 45s turntable tournament
August 15, 2010, 2:56 am
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The Knights of the Black Vinyl Turntable Tournament was indeed extra FAT!
Following long journeys to this day through the shires and the valleys five brave Funk/Soul/Disco Knights were to arrive in the arena… Sir Jim (Pearson) – The cigar chomping Lord of the Radio Fremantle Airwaves and host of the Tournament (Soul Purpose/Coconut Club), Sir Boogieman – The Collector (Double Bump Crew/RTR’s Soulsides), Sir Claude (Mono) of the Kooky (RTRFM Soulsides/El Ritmo), the all powerful Sir Charles Bucket (Funk Club/Perth’s No.1 Hip Hop DJ), and the previously unannounced but brave young contender Sir Jimmy Mac (Double Bump Crew/Soul Purpose)…alas at short notice Sir Charles was summoned to rescue a fair maiden and did not reach the arena and thus his final Turntable Tournament score would be less than he would have sought and his honor indeed dented although in the days and weeks that followed he would claim it be “just a flesh wound”.

The Tournament commenced as Sir Jim reminded those tuned in to the arena and the brave Knights to be fair and honourable in their jousting and of those most important rules of the tournament. There twill verily be 4 categories: Soul/Funk/Disco/SisterFunk, all Knights would joust each round 1 track per Knight. Back to back action. Towards the final joust there would also be a 1 drop each JB tribute 45. Each track to be given thee traditional thumb up or down by the Knight’s peers based on it’s dopeness. Shouts and messages from those listening could yield further points in the quest. Each joust to be led off by host Sir Jim.

…and so to the Battle Royale…

Joust 1 – Soul (also showing jousting order all jousts)
JJ Barnes – How Long – Sir Jim P
The Vibrations – Shake It Up – Sir Jim M
Mark Capanni – I Believe In Miracles – Sir Boogie
Last Flight – Don’t Give Up Your Love – Sir Claude

Joust 2 – Soul Funk
Eddy Jacobs Exchange – Love Your Pain Goes Deep
Ruth Brown – You’re a Stone Groovy Thing
Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You
TK Murray – Brown Sugar

Joust 3 – Funk
Vasse Corporation – One More Day (KD Edit)
Rare Gems Odyssey – What Is Funk
Ballin Jack – Found A Child
Abraham and The Metronomes – Party

Joust 4 – Funk
Wil Collins and Willpower – Lay It Play It
Edwin Starr – Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On
Kool and The Gang – Spirit Of The Boogie
Willie Hutch – Slick

Joust 5 – Disco Boogie
Asphalt Jungle – Freakin Time
Edwin Starr – I Just Wanna Do My Thing
Shalamar – Take It To The Bank
Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

Joust 6 – Tribute to JB
Mr James Brown – Slaughters Theme
Marve Whitney – Unwind Yourself
Mr James Brown – Got Ants In My Pants
Mr James Brown – Its A Mans Mans World

Joust 7 – SisterFunk
Gloria Walker and the Chevelles – Hit You Spot
Ruby Andrews – You Made a Believer Out of Me
Lyn Collins – Mama Feel Good
The Aristocrats Organization – Don’t Go

Highlights/Bonus Points/Deductions

Claude -1 for Cheryl Lynn as Boogs had the original press in his box and Claude only a cheapo press

Jim P -1 and +1 for Vasse Corp as Claude thought he had in the box but left it at home

Jim P +1 for Freakin Time – multiple thumbs up

Jim M -1 for another Edwin Starr track in the next joust

Jim P + 1 again and again for all his personal callers

Claude +1 for the Tri-Fire singles on PPU Records used for talking over – very funky

Jim P +1 for the retro record case with the seatbelt – belt up those 45s for a safe ride

Boogie +1 for name-checks in song titles

Boogie -1 or should that be +1 for the Shalamar picture sleeve – very 80s

And the final scores…

Listen in on the show stream on the Radio Fremantle Program Archives Saturday 5pm – listen here


Sir Jim P Record Box with Seat Belt built in

Sir Jim M – His best Record Box – must be hard times…

Sir Boogie -1 point deduction for dressing like his sleeve art