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7 songs in 7 days – 2015 archive
October 22, 2017, 9:44 am
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This week one of these that I posted back in 2015 popped on my Facebook memories so I thought I would grab them all into a blog post as they were all great tracks and stories in a stream of consciousness way given they were dropped 7 days in a row…we all probably should archive anything good we ever did on Facebook before we have to pay for our memories…

7 songs in 7 days – day 1

Love Can’t Turn Around

Thanks to all posters over the last few weeks. I hope this momentary sharing phenomenon spreads a little more and continues a little longer before it inevitably implodes into its own banal FB populism. So to my selections… I like a lot of music and I have heard a lot of music – there will be no chronology and there will be no theme – but being FB I have set myself the challenge of selecting tracks that at least have feel good imagery opportunities – so enjoy….

I cannot remember what the name of the one-off nights were over a few months at the nightclub upstairs above where the long-forgotten but wonderfully lo-fi Kyoto Japanese restaurant used to be – the Kyoto’s house speciality was ebi furai – to be washed down with large quantities of BYO Saki – amazingly the upstairs nightclub is still there but has changed names a thousand times – currently its Ginger but I think around the time of this track it was operating as a strip club called The Site where djs/promoters could get it for late night one-offs – I was reminded of it a few years ago going to The Republic – the strip joint turned open at midnight venue with entry via a laneway stairwell off Wellington St – the music that place played was killer – Back in the very late 80s The Site had the very same dodgy vibe – it was around the time where Limbo and The Freezer had queues and had gone all ‘acid’ so ‘meet you there’ one-offs at the top of William St that opened at midnight playing dirty Chicago House were the place to be – very dark, very dingy, very loud, very cool – lifted and reinterpreted from a 1975 Isaac Hayes track this was my favourite Chicago track back in 1988.. still is … and watching Darryl Pandy still makes me feel good (but do go for the 12)


7 songs in 7 days – day 2

The Future of the Futures

I got this as a cd single with all its great mixes at Tower Records in London – the shop is long gone – it was the big store downstairs at Piccadilly Circus. This was ‘peak clubbing’ and ‘peak cd’ at Tower Records with racks and racks of ‘label comps’ rolling out each week (Deconstruction, Positiva, Fourth & Broadway, Boys Own, Azuli). As you listen I am sure you can imagine how this track could be the music of choice for trying to stay awake on the long post-clubbing trip home on the N12 night bus. 6 hours of dancing and nothing but a dodgy burger from one of the many street-sellers in post-1am Trafalgar Square where all the clubbers waited and the night buses departed in all directions. The 9 minute mix was on cd walkman repeat for only about a million plays – back then you really had to decide which cds you were moving around with and would leave in a bag in the cloak room – no smartphones with 64GB storage cards – I played it again last year after reading ‘Bedsit Disco Queen’ (a great book) – the video is super special – a lot of ‘love’ going on and I remember it was like that … thanks Ben and Tracey

7 songs in 7 days – day 3

Soon (Andy Weatherall Remix)

This one song above so many others is for me ‘The Firm’ – one of the best nightclubs Perth ever had – including so many that I went to that came later and I was forced to compare against. This song is also here as possibly my absolutely all-time favorite remix – although I expect that has a lot to do with the circumstances of the occasions I heard the track which were mainly on the small packed dancefloor with DJ legend Rhys Evans on the gain and the lows making it louder and louder and heavier and heavier as the track went on – the room pulsating between complete darkness and a lone strobe above the dance floor and that crazy vintage UFO spinning effect light (see comments) – after midnight when things really got started there was no dancefloor – the room was the dancefloor – and this was always like a 3am track. Andy Weatherall is a remixer extraordinaire back then with Smokebelch (aka New Age of Faith) and Screamadelica through to 2015 and Unloved’s latest. But this track from 1990 is the one – for me its like Moses bringing down from the mountain the stone tablets of remixing. The original My Bloody Valentine version was pretty damn good in its own right – have a listen to it first – but then listen to the seminal Andy Weatherall remix from his Glider EP – those vocals – that percussion – those loops. I still have it and when I put it on – only with headphones and only very loud – I slip back in time and walk up to Milligan Street and up the staircase full of anticipation and…




7 songs in 7 days – day 4

Freedom Suite

Well its 24 years on from the release of ‘The Road to Freedom’ – an LP that stands today with few peers. For me back then it perfectly captured a moment when a generation of British youth were discovering how much hip hop and beats paid respect to jazz and what jazz was really about. In Perth I was learning too. I had read the London Trilogy by Colin Macinnes and its visions of London in the 1950s as a melting pot of Caribbean music meets Soho Jazz meets post-war youth-culture – but the Absolute Beginners film then went and ruined it for me – all the grittiness of the novels was lost in slick dance productions and studio sets – it was ok but in a different way than what I wanted it to be. Around this time my post-80s-Mod musical world centred around collecting Totally Wired LP compilations and using these comps as launch pads for beats and jazz exploration. A lot of the music contemporaries of this album on labels like Acid-Jazz and Talking Loud have not aged that well (but that’s not to say that Giles and Eddie did not do a huge service at the time and for the future by passionately cataloguing this musical period – they did and only the two of them did) – often it was the technology and too much capturing the ‘vibes’ at the time – rather than the experiments – But the Young Disciples and their guests and collaborators felt like they were at a different level ensuring that in 2015 ‘Road to Freedom’ still sounds fresh. Stand-out track is ‘Freedom Suite’ where Marco, Femi and Carleen are joined by Johnny Lytle on vibes, Mick Talbot on keys, Wayne Bachelor on that incredible stay with you double bass riff and the raps and lyrics of I G Culture – video link contains lyrics – thanks Young Disciples


7 songs in 7 days – day 5

Dayzed Inn Daydreams

I like it – I realise now you pretty much spend every moment between each post consumed with thoughts of what artists, records and songs have left an impression and you then enter a self-critique – too popular – too obscure – the song not the body of work – not personal enough etc – but in the end its really about “shit I dig that”…. With The Golden Apples I get to listen to and play loads of new stuff so I have already played all my more recent favourites but I wanted to include something recent here. So I started to think about some ‘now’ artists I have seen at places like The Bakery. For me the new stuff generally means difficult listening – instead I like to sit on sounds for a while – like a year or more – and then see where they land in my head. Now Ariel Marcus Rosenberg has been in my head for a while now and his stickiness is complete – the gig last year at The Bakery was everything I hoped for and more – Ariel Pink is like Broadcast – the more you listen to the more that you want to listen to. I read a bio on Boiler Room that really captured my AP listening experience: “The world he paints is hard to describe: a unique amalgamation of 70s AM radio pop, arena-sized glam riffs, tape hiss, loping funk basslines, hammer horror atmospherics, blue-eyed soul, power pop dynamics and so much more besides, all shot through with a outré sense of dark humour”. I’ve heard some bad things about Ariel Pink – things he has said and done but it reminds me about some bad things about Phil Spector but I don’t think about those things when I listen to the music of a fractured genius – I have skipped the ‘hits’ (if some strange familiarity to things you have heard before is a hit) and instead offer the recent ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’ – and yes it has a special/different video/short film… but it just makes me want to know more about Ariel Pink….


7 songs in 7 days – day 6


So many great songs and memories left on the cutting room floor… in the beginning when it all started, almost a generation ago, my daughter loves the sound now, I don’t think I was really ‘into’ drum and bass – now I respect it like jazz – but then it was a ‘new’ sound – there were certain tracks you heard in the air – when you were out – certain ‘big’ artists like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, and Goldie – I think I could listen to Timeless on repeat forever (RIP Diane Charlemagne) and Goldie did some killer Bjork remixes when they were both getting it on – that was celebrity. This track is not Goldie although it could have been/should have been – instead this one is from a Tuesday night in Sydney around 1995 at the just opened Home at Darling Harbour – at the time I think there was just Home-London and Home-Sydney – it was the pinnacle of mega-clubs – now it’s a complete shit-hole and you would never go near it – but back then I had read about Home in Mixmag and The Face – it was tricky getting in as we joined an informed looking queue and I realised I was in Docs while everyone else had big $ trainers – I think it was $25 to get in on this packed Tuesday night – but we got in – Home was a 1000+ plus venue across three floors but served hardly any alcohol – there were long stainless steel water fountains on each floor – like the ones you remember from primary school – I bought an (imported back then) Heineken but looked like a dick. Upstairs there were all sorts of little mini-dance-floors looking out through big glass windows over the lights and water of Darling Harbour and massage-zones where you could chill with the smell of incense while being looked after – not what I was used to from small-room/back room clubbing. BUT all this is just atmospheric preamble because the thing about Home was the sound system – it was so good that in the main room in the middle of the dance floor we could talk while at the same time the bass of this track (the bass that kicks in at 2:23 but listen from the start) just entered our bodies and flowed through us like we were as one a part of the dancefloor, and the lights, and together with those around us – thank you Dave Wallace…


7 songs in 7 days – Day 7


I was born too late to be a Mod living in Shepherds Bush in 1965, but being a Mod living in Perth in the 1980s was pretty special – clothes, scooters, records, dancing, parties, girls, the Golden Rail Tavern, the Railway Hotel, the Shaftsbury Hotel, the Goldhawk Club… hanging out and never thinking about the future… a way of life…


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Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2
October 4, 2017, 10:09 am
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“Picture me and then you start watching

Watching forever



Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2 – the second in a very occasional series of imaginary soundtracks of music and dialogue from Sofia Coppola films and other sounds that just feel right. If you enjoy listening to it then you might also enjoy the first mixtape Lost in Translation 2

HQ Mixcloud here


the amps – tipp city – pacer (featured in Lick the Star)

phoenix – love like a sunset (long version) – wolfgang amadeus phoenix (featured in Somewhere)

tape waves – age of consent

the stargazer lilies – well versed to verb doubt – we are the the dreamers

the stargazer lilies – golden key music – door to the sun

the xx – i dare you – i see you

the radio dept – david – clinging to a scheme

ariel pink – feels like heaven

chemical brothers – the state were in (campfire bootleg) (featured in Lost in Translation)

avicii – levels (instrumental) (featured in Bling Ring)

chateau marmont – wind blows – the maze

sebastien tellier – look – sexuality

fazerdaze – bedroom talks – morningside

slowdive – crazy for you – pygmalion

kevin shields – 2- stereo remix

siouxsie and the banshees – fireworks

venn – ceremony

death in vegas – girls by death in vegas (featured in Lost in Translation)

…and have you seen this…

Lick the Star is a 14-minute-long black and white 16mm short film, and was the first film written and directed by Sofia Coppola back in 1998.

…love Coppola-esque videos?