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Soulsides Kid Soul and Soul Families Mixtape
April 14, 2018, 3:04 am
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Radio show and mixtape.

Its a Claude Mono Deluxe Edition exploring the fabulous sounds of the totally badly named ‘kid soul’ subgenre – plus some other soul families – and some other funky beautiful soul things.

Show restream here – includes Claude’s chit chat sleeve notes

Mixcloud here –  remastered and just the music!!


The Jackson 5 – There Was A Time – Live At The Forum

The Jackson 5 – The Love You Save – ABC

The Turner Brothers – Cause I Love You (Paolo Scotti & Giacomo Silvestri Sun Sound Re-Edit)

Nancy Dupree – James Brown – Ghetto Reality

Little Gary Ferguson – I Feel Good

The Triads – If You’re Looking for Love – Home Schooled- The ABCs of Kid Soul

Hassan – Ghetto King – Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label

Majestic Arrows – Another Day – Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label

Majestic Arrows – I’ll Never Cry for Another Boy – Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label

Stevie Wonder – Soul Bongo and La La La La La – The 12 Year Old Genius – Recorded Live

Sisters Love – Give Me Your Love

The Eight Minutes – I Can’t Get No Higher – An American Family

The Promise – I’m Not Ready For Love – Home Schooled- The ABCs of Kid Soul

The Isley Brothers – Love The One Your With  – Givin It All Back

Little Jimmy Gandy – I’m Not Like The Others

Stevie Wonder – Hey Love – Down To Earth

The Jackson 5 – Michael The Lover

Altyrone Deno Brown – Thought I Was a Playboy – Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label

Bethlehem Centre Childrens Choir – I’m a Special Kid

The Man Child Singers – Right On

The Five Stairsteps – Danger She’s a Stranger

Foster Sylvers – When I’m Near You

Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor (Mr. K Remix)

Linda Lewis – Reach For The Truth – Lark

The Sylvers – Remember the Rain

Fathers Children – Who’s Gonna Save The World

Boddie Acetate – Let The Children Play

The Sylvers – Hotline – Something Special – Mixcloud only

The Jackson 5 – Goin Places – Goin Places – Mixcloud only

Duwende – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

Start exploring…

The Man Child Singers – The lone 45 by Man Child Singers is a musical snapshot of an anti-nuclear family, worthy of a framing for the staircase wall. Sue, Merl Jr., and Tony Saunders experienced the Summer Of Love firsthand through their pre-Grateful Dead father Merl Saunders. Their big “break” came when the San Francisco Giants commissioned Merl Sr. to write and record a commercial jingle. Team Saunders was enlisted to do the vocal work. The drafting continued with Big Time Buck White, a political musical written by Merl Sr. and family friend Ed Lewis, which featured both the Saunders and Lewis kids. The resulting Sumertone 45, “Mighty Whitey” b/w “Right On,” is a completely sincere sign-of-the-times by kids too hip by half.

Altyrone Deno Brown – Altyrone Deno Brown’s childhood home was both harem and commune, with anywhere from eight to ten women sharing a bed and paycheck with Arrow Brown, his father. Acting as manager and agent for his son, Bandit Records proprietor Brown hit the pavement, looking to exploit the burgeoning talent around him. Deno spent nights singing Sam Cooke to patrons of Chicago’s south side club circuit. Instead of school, Deno auditioned and rehearsed.



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The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show Links
April 14, 2018, 2:51 am
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In case you have not been there…the links to the Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

RTRFM www with show restreams here

Golden Apples Blog with show info , links, videos and all the mixtapes here

Mixcloud mixtapes here

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Mind-Warp Pavilion 2 Bowie Mixtape
February 1, 2018, 12:41 pm
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MWP2 – Mind Warp Pavilion A celebration of the life and times of David Bowie.

I am honoured to be invited to DJ again this year. If I think about David Bowie in 2018 and The Mind-warp Pavilion 2 it is probably the expansiveness of it all that is so unique.

Over 40 artists coming together whose experiences of just one artist span decades. From those that have known, listened to, and been inspired by Bowie all of their lives to those that are just discovering the profound influence of the ‘shape shifter’ on the music of today …and tomorrow.

Being of the MTV Generation I am now pretty sure the song and video to ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and its lyrical references to Major Tom were a possible starting point to my own discovery of the body of his work that both preceded and followed. But my passion focuses around the ‘funk and soul’ years commencing 1975 with Young Americans, then Station to Station, and then through the complete ‘Berlin Trilogy’ of Low, Heroes and Lodger ending in 1979. I could spend the rest of my life exploring Bowie’s music and other artistic work within and around just these years.

I also do love some of the side projects and collaborations such as Goldie (Truth), Moroder (Cat People), and Metheny (This is not America), and I am pretty sure only Bowie could have ended his career with an album as good as Blackstar. Everyday in 2018 and for years to come there will be a musician somewhere doing a great cover or reinterpretation of a Bowie classic, or even better an obscurity, and feeling good about it, and their own love of music.

This year’s mixtape, like last years, is handcrafted with love and contains originals, remixes, covers and other interesting little things… hope you enjoy it

Claude – January 2018

MWP2 Bowie HQ mixtape here


Vide – Heroes (on Piano)

Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989 Excerpt

David Bowie – Helden/Heroes

Emma Wells – Heroes (Stripped Down)

Goldie – Truth (feat David Bowie)

David Bowie – Telling Lies (Adam F Mix)

David Bowie – I’m Deranged

David Bowie – Young Americans 1975 Funky Purrfection Version

Duran Duran – Fame

David Bowie – Fame (Mojo Filter Incognito Dub)

David Bowie – A Better Future [Remix by Air]

Carla Bruni – Absolute Beginners

David Bowie – The Angels Have Gone

David Bowie – Pallas Athena

The Mantra ATSMM – Space Oddity

Peter Murphy (Bauhuas) – Space Oddity

Last year’s playlist and mixtape link are here


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el ritmo Eastern Block Party 2

El Ritmo Eastern Block Party 2

Found in a box of old cassettes in a street market just off Red Square in Moscow now lovingly restored and remastered… two of the finest hours of community radio ever broadcast…

Diskoteka – Victor Klaudemono and Katerina Savinova

handwritten on the cassette…

Since the end of the Soviet Union a new tradition is that many Russians now celebrate Christmas on 25 December instead of 7 January. A less well-known tradition is that after having spent time with their families Moscow’s young and hip head out Boxing Day evening on buses and trams to late-night parties where they listen to jazz, and funk from the Eastern Block, Western pop, and Melodiya label disco records… later in the evening someone always puts on their favourite Red Army Choir LP for a sing-a-long… this year there is a party at the tiny apartment of Victor and Katerina and you are invited…

Get the Mixtape… Mixcloud HQ extended edition here


Sputnik Documentary (excerpt)

Chorus & Disco Company – Alfred Wśród Ptaków

N Sokolov – Safari (KMTR’s extended re-edit)

Gorky Park – Moscow Calling

Alisa – VPut (On the Road)

Julia Alexandrova – I Will Survive

The Red Army Choir – Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

The Red Army Choir – Happy (Pharrell Williams)

Kraftwerk vs. Telex – The Moskow Robots

Nautilus Pomilius – Krilja (Wings)

Kino – Zvezda Po Imeni Solntse (A Star Called Sun)

Litsey – Zvezda (Star)

Valeriy Meladze – Verni Moyu Lyubov (Give Me My Love Back)

Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – In The Woods

Vitali Kleinot and Georgi Garanians Ensemble – White Music

Russya – Don’t Stand by my Window

Forum – Lets Call each Other

Agata Kristie – Fairy Taiga (Fairytale)

Neschastnyy Sluchay – esli b ne bylo tebya (if there was no you)

Velly Joonas ‎- käes on aeg (Feel Like Makin Love)

Vlad Shishkarev – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

Valery Meladze – Devushai iz Vishego (Girls from High Society)

Igor Petrenko Orchestra – Disco

Igor Petrenko Orchestra – I Can’t Stop

Pro Arte – Ko Vječnu Tugu Nosi, Taj Ima Pravo Da Pjeva

Kedr Livanskiy – Love & Cigarettes

Vitas – 7th Element (2002 Version)

Verasy – Polet (electro disco, Belarus USSR, 1985)

…more vodka

Check out last year’s Eastern Block Party One

…more VHS  Videos?




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Claude Mono Best of 2017…not really

What you haven’t been waiting for… less a best of and more a reflection on some great music that influenced my listening this year. It’s a 2017 list but has tracks from 1974 and even 1981 (and why not) plus this year for the first time so I can enjoy it (and now you can) there is a genre-busting tightrope-walking mixtape you can listen to anywhere…

The mixtape tracklist and link is at the bottom of the post

Mixtape Sleeve Notes

Tennis …infomercial

Tennis – I miss that feeling – We Can Die Happy EP

Tennis – No Exit – We Can Die Happy EP

With my usual thanks to Sean Rowley I have been following Tennis for a year or so now and am dipping into a catalogue that commences back in 2010. Tennis are husband-and-wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore and they have developed and nurtured a unique ‘very Tennis sound’ supported with some ‘very Tennis videos’– a kind of electronic AOR commercial pop aesthetic but with many more time-warped layers. 2017 has been a big year ever as the previously under the radar love-duo went completely independent starting up their own label Mutually Detrimental for the release of their fourth LP Unconditionally Yours which then proceeded to go overground and is a classic. In a moment of surprise and celebration for Patrick and Alaina the vinyl release  charted in the mid-year’s top ten list of best-selling vinyl albums, in-between Prince and the Revolution’s Purple Rain and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon!!. And in a bonus for fans late in the year the ‘We Can Die Happy’ EP was released and could really be Yours Conditionally Pt. 2 it promises endless enjoyment and is worth repeated listening. Stand out tracks are I miss That Feeling and No Exit.

The XX – I Dare You – I See You


From way back at the start of the year the song has stuck with me all year. I think it’s the cinematic video/ Even used it as an anchor track on my Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2

The XX are Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass, vocals) and Jamie Smith also known as Jamie XX (beats, MPC, record production) known for the dual vocalist setup of both Croft and Sim you may also remember this Jamie XX video 


Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Sacred Project – Find Me Finding You

Laetitia Sadier’s fourth post-Stereolab solo offering is (…well) very Stereolab. I really loved one track where Phil MFU’s “inner Jean-Jacques Perrey is allowed off the leash in spacey closing song Sacred Project”.

The Clientele – Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself –  Music for the Age of Miracles


In 2017 a beautiful new Clientele Album….

The Stargazer Lilies – Fukitol – Lost

What a band and only three LPs deep – I loved 2016’s Door To The Sun and its tracks like Golden Key and 2013’s ‘We Are The Dreamers’. 2017’s LP ‘Lost’ is a crowd funded album of lost tracks that never made it to physical format. Some of the bands most popular tracks as well as never before released songs. Kim Field, John Cep, and Sam Art or Tammy Hirata are The Stargazer Lilies Always amazing dream pop/shoegaze/psychedelic videos and equally dreamy artwork

Devilish Dear – I Wanna Do It

Devilish Dear – These Sunny Days

Being one who truly believes its never too late to get into a genre, this year I got even more into shoegaze and dreampop than last year. Devilish Dear from Sao Paulo, Brazil were a lucky accidental discovery. The track ‘I Wanna Do It’ is amazing. Brazilian shoegaze that incorporates synths and veers into dark electronica. The group has never played a show – and doesn’t plan to – and the album is free to download from Bandcamp.  A review in February in the very returnable series  Overblown’s “new band of the day”   was all I needed “It’s kind of like if a Madchester band had been led by Kevin Shields. Dancey, grooving rhythms are laid down behind the swirling, reverb drenched guitars, and ghostly vocals”.

The James L’Estrange Orchestra – Closer – Eventual Reality

Soulful and jazzy ‘Closer’ is a stand out spiritually uplifting track with a beautifully matched engaging video. In 2014 seasoned producer and musician Ricky Reid and his partner retreated from the city of Edinburgh to embark upon a new life in a secluded cabin in the Scottish Highlands, in his own words “away from the constant, incoherent noise of the world” Ricky utilised an array of numerous musician friends and their visits to his new wilderness home and late night jamming and recording sessions, to lay down the sound bed that became Eventual Reality leaving behind hidden treasures to be discovered and lovingly pieced together by Ricky over the following months. As label BBE describe it “With nostalgia so much a part of the album’s creation, The James L’Estraunge Orchestra can’t help but appear somewhat spectral; after all they are truly the band that never was”.

Floating Points – Reflections – Mojave Desert – Film/Album

Full film link here

2017 saw the release of Reflections – Mojave Desert. In late August 2016, Samuel T Shepherd (Floating Points) and his band travelled to the Mojave Desert to write and rehearse before the start of their US tour.Whilst visiting Joshua Tree National Park, they were struck not only by its physical beauty, but also by the sonic reflections from the rock formations; A unique combination of reverb, echo and phase shifting modulating the surrounding sounds of the landscape. The desert environment and musical performances were documented in a 27 minute film directed by Anna Diaz Ortuno. Musically sprawling with comparisons to Pink Floyd’s own iconic concert film, 1972’s Live at Pompei. Andy Beta in the Pitchfork review  “The intensity that Floating Points attains at the peak of “Kelso Dunes” is exhilarating: You almost hear the small group achieving lift-off and floating a few feet off the desert ground”. Instrumentally intense and anchored by Susumu Mukai on Bass, Leo Taylor on Drums and Alex Reeve on guitar while Matthew Kirkis plays Guitar, Synthesizer [ARP Odyssey], and Sam Shepard plays Synthesizer [Buchla 200e], Synthesizer [EMS Synthi], Synthesizer [Rhodes Chroma], Synthesizer [Oberheim OB-8], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Electric Organ [Hammond Organ], Recorder [Telinga Parabolic Microphone]


Gilroy Mere – The Green Line – The Green Line

Listen here

A ‘folk-rock Lou Reed’… Gilroy Mere is Oliver Cherer who is Dollboy.The Green Line LP came out in 2017 on Frances Castle’s wonderful label Clay Pipe Records. The L’Histoire de Dollboy…(from Delusions of Adequacy) goes like ”A prodigious musical polymath whose varied musical guises include his multi-faceted alter-ego of Dollboy, the electro-stylings of The Assistant, the motodisco of Rhododendron and Australian Testing Labs Inc., and the freshly-minted ambient Gilroy Mere, Oliver Cherer returns to his folk heart-land with The Myth Of Violet Meek, his first orthonym release since 2014’s critically acclaimed Sir Ollife Leigh & Other Ghosts. A formidable, multi-layered and psychologically nuanced work, Violet Meek draws, musically, on the classic English folk-rock of Fairport and Fotheringay and the wilder imaginative shores of Robert Wyatt and Roy Harper with an abundance of pure, original, idiosyncratic Cherer talent. Morally akin to a Ben Wheatley film rendered into music, Meek takes us on an historically-flavoured yet timeless journey through hard lives, harsh judgements, misogyny and sexual transgression in a musical/lyrical melange best described as ‘folk-rock Lou Reed’.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Bosses Hang (Pt. I, II & III) – Luciferian Towers


You’ll get it… “The track ‘Bosses Hang‘ starts out with a spacious three-chord progression underneath washes of strings before the guitars introduce the song’s central motif, bringing with it the record’s first star-gazing moment. Even though we’re nearly ten minutes into Luciferian Towers by this point, it feels like the true beginning of the record – everything up to now has just been scene-setting. After giving that melody the crescendo it deserves, the band bring things back down several notches for one of their trademark patient builds, working various interlocking parts together throughout the second and third acts of the suite before, in the final moments returning to that initial melody and chord progression with crushing power”.

Vic Mars – Roced – The Consumer Programme

Vic Mars – The Road Through The Village – The Land and the Garden

This year’s album from Vic Mars ‘The Consumer Programme’ did not come out on Clay Pipe Music coming out instead on Polytechnic Youth. But that’s really just an excuse to include the video of the absolute timeless classic ‘The Road Through The Village’ from 2015’s The Land And The Garden LP which I shamefully neglected to discover until this year. Delusions of Adequacy said of The Consumer Programme “whilst the nostalgic pastoralism of The Land And The Garden sat well in the pyschogeographical-centric Clay Pipe catalogue, the analogue-electronica miniatures of The Consumer Programme are a near-perfect transfer dealmaking currency for joining the Polytechnic Youth team…we’re treated to a broad selection of wordless synth and drum machine driven compositions that cover a lot of well-plotted terrain.  For starters, this includes joining the dots between the glistening pulsing pleasures of Listening Center’s Cycles/Other Phenomena and charmingly idealistic late-‘70s/early-‘80s British TV science programme soundtracks (“The Leisure Centre”, “The Consumer Programme” and “Soced”).  Whilst in other places the pioneers of classic kosmische are given generous tributes (for the mysterious Tangerine Dream-like “Lloeren”, the whirring Cluster-channelling blissfulness of “The Intermission” and the lush but loose Ralf Und Florian-era Kraftwerk serenity of “A Hillman To Berlin”).

John Foxx – Empty Avenues and Dark Corners (Pye Corner Audio Mix) – Empty Avenues

With the ascendency in 2017 of the 80s aesthetic Ghost Box Records delivers its answer to ‘Stranger Things’ in the form of a meeting of The Belbury Circle and 80s electronic music icon John Foxx and his appearance on two amazing albums Empty Avenues and Outward Journeys. The latter the first full length LP for th Ghost Box collaborative project between Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly). As you have come to trust from Ghost Box impeccable artwork and music come together yet again to create yet another ‘new-Hauntology’.

Dust-  Dark Pleasures


Dust – Past Future

This year was also the year I discovered Minimal Wave thanks to watching and listening to pretty much everything by the Minimal Wave Label head honcho Veronica Vasicka starting with her amazing Boiler Room mix. Her occasional DJ mixes bring together classic electronic artists like Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk and DAF but place them directly in the context of her new productions creating amazing 30 year journeys. Dusk is one of her projects. I like their videos and I think I’d call them Disco-wave. By the way this year I have spent way too much time watching videos of French 80s synthwave.

Witnessing – Gary Shearston – Follow the Sun

The amazing compilations keep coming. Last year’s Sky Girl  was top of the game with its “intimacy of a handmade mixtape, so private and confessional that it could only have been meant for one person’s ears”. My compilation of the year this year came out on Anthology Recordings and Mexican Summer and was a double LP containing 20 tracks of lost gems from the dusty fringes of 70s Australian Psych and Folk – pure gold.

till 2018….

Mixtape over at Mixcloud here


Tennis – I miss that feeling – We Can Die Happy EP

Tennis – No Exit – We Can Die Happy EP

The XX – I Dare You – I See You

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Sacred Project – Find Me Finding You

The Clientele  – Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself – Music for the Age of Miracles

The Stargazer Lilies – Fukitol – Lost

Devilish Dear – I Wanna Do It

Devilish Dear – These Sunny Days

The James L’Estrange Orchestra – Closer – Eventual Reality

Floating Points – Reflections – Mojave Desert – Film/Album

Gilroy Mere – The Green Line

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Bosses Hang (Pt. I, II & III)

Vic Mars – Roced – The Consumer Programme

John Foxx – Empty Avenues and Dark Corners (Pye Corner Audio Mix) – Empty Avenues

Dust – Past Future

Dust – Dark Pleasures

Witnessing – Gary Shearston – Follow the Sun

BUT WAIT there is more….

You can explore previous years audio and video musings as all linkage is intact.

Nice track – who is that? – Best of 2016

Best Videos of 2015

Golden Apples of the Sun – Nice Things 2015

Top Ten of 2014





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Soulsides Gospel Funk Soul Edition
November 11, 2017, 3:46 am
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Your soul preachers ‘Reverend Microgroove’ and ‘Pastor C. Mono’ return from the wilderness to deliver truth in soul and a message to the people who might not ordinarily get to a church – in this special gospel funk hymnal edition of Soulsides…your path to enlightenment starts here…

Show re-stream here (Select 10 Nov 2017)

HQ Mixcloud here


Shirley Ann Lee – I Shall Not Be Moved – Songs of Light

Rev. Solomon King and the Glory Bound Singers – Didn’t It Rain – Saved & Sanctified – Songs Of The Jade Label

The Staple Singers – Pray On – Pray On

Sam Cooke and Magnificent Montague – interview excerpt

Deliverance Echoes – Heaven

Voices of Deliverance – The Power of God

Otis G Johnson  – He’s The Way – Everything – God Is Love 78

Southern Echoes – Burden Down – King Bullard Version – Songs Of The BOS Label

The Pure Heart Travelers – My Captain – The Gospel Soul of Detroit (Sanctified Sounds from the Motor City)

Esther Marrow – When I Die – Sister Woman

Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers – There is a God Somewhere – There is a God Somewhere

The Loving Sisters – Cosmic Consciousness – The Sisters And Their Sons

Sensational Saints – How Great Thou Art – You Won’t Believe It

Marion Williams – My Sweet Lord – Standing Here Wondering Which Way To Go

Aretha Franklin – Spirit in the Dark – Spirit in the Dark

The Staple Singers – Who Do You Thiink You Are (Jesus Christ Superstar) – Respect Yourself

The Sensational Saints – I Feel The Spirit – You Won’t Believe It

The Stovall Singers – Yes To The Lord – The Stovall Sisters

The Voices of East Harlem – March Across This Land – Can You Feel It

Enlightment – Faith is the Key – Faith is the Key

Gospel Ambassadors – What Kind of man is this – Divine Disco (American Gospel Disco – 1974 To 1984)

Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers – Peter and John – There is a God Somewhere

The Relatives – Rap On – Don’t Let Me Fall

Mavis Staple – Trippin’ On Your Love – This Time Around

Mel-Vonne – He’s alright with me – Be Still

Pastor T L Barrett And the Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship – Like A Ship (Without a Sail)

Cliff Gober – A Poor Wayfaring Stranger – Good God A Gospel Hymnal

Dynamic Disciples – Satan – 45



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7 songs in 7 days – 2015 archive
October 22, 2017, 9:44 am
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This week one of these that I posted back in 2015 popped on my Facebook memories so I thought I would grab them all into a blog post as they were all great tracks and stories in a stream of consciousness way given they were dropped 7 days in a row…we all probably should archive anything good we ever did on Facebook before we have to pay for our memories…

7 songs in 7 days – day 1

Love Can’t Turn Around

Thanks to all posters over the last few weeks. I hope this momentary sharing phenomenon spreads a little more and continues a little longer before it inevitably implodes into its own banal FB populism. So to my selections… I like a lot of music and I have heard a lot of music – there will be no chronology and there will be no theme – but being FB I have set myself the challenge of selecting tracks that at least have feel good imagery opportunities – so enjoy….

I cannot remember what the name of the one-off nights were over a few months at the nightclub upstairs above where the long-forgotten but wonderfully lo-fi Kyoto Japanese restaurant used to be – the Kyoto’s house speciality was ebi furai – to be washed down with large quantities of BYO Saki – amazingly the upstairs nightclub is still there but has changed names a thousand times – currently its Ginger but I think around the time of this track it was operating as a strip club called The Site where djs/promoters could get it for late night one-offs – I was reminded of it a few years ago going to The Republic – the strip joint turned open at midnight venue with entry via a laneway stairwell off Wellington St – the music that place played was killer – Back in the very late 80s The Site had the very same dodgy vibe – it was around the time where Limbo and The Freezer had queues and had gone all ‘acid’ so ‘meet you there’ one-offs at the top of William St that opened at midnight playing dirty Chicago House were the place to be – very dark, very dingy, very loud, very cool – lifted and reinterpreted from a 1975 Isaac Hayes track this was my favourite Chicago track back in 1988.. still is … and watching Darryl Pandy still makes me feel good (but do go for the 12)


7 songs in 7 days – day 2

The Future of the Futures

I got this as a cd single with all its great mixes at Tower Records in London – the shop is long gone – it was the big store downstairs at Piccadilly Circus. This was ‘peak clubbing’ and ‘peak cd’ at Tower Records with racks and racks of ‘label comps’ rolling out each week (Deconstruction, Positiva, Fourth & Broadway, Boys Own, Azuli). As you listen I am sure you can imagine how this track could be the music of choice for trying to stay awake on the long post-clubbing trip home on the N12 night bus. 6 hours of dancing and nothing but a dodgy burger from one of the many street-sellers in post-1am Trafalgar Square where all the clubbers waited and the night buses departed in all directions. The 9 minute mix was on cd walkman repeat for only about a million plays – back then you really had to decide which cds you were moving around with and would leave in a bag in the cloak room – no smartphones with 64GB storage cards – I played it again last year after reading ‘Bedsit Disco Queen’ (a great book) – the video is super special – a lot of ‘love’ going on and I remember it was like that … thanks Ben and Tracey

7 songs in 7 days – day 3

Soon (Andy Weatherall Remix)

This one song above so many others is for me ‘The Firm’ – one of the best nightclubs Perth ever had – including so many that I went to that came later and I was forced to compare against. This song is also here as possibly my absolutely all-time favorite remix – although I expect that has a lot to do with the circumstances of the occasions I heard the track which were mainly on the small packed dancefloor with DJ legend Rhys Evans on the gain and the lows making it louder and louder and heavier and heavier as the track went on – the room pulsating between complete darkness and a lone strobe above the dance floor and that crazy vintage UFO spinning effect light (see comments) – after midnight when things really got started there was no dancefloor – the room was the dancefloor – and this was always like a 3am track. Andy Weatherall is a remixer extraordinaire back then with Smokebelch (aka New Age of Faith) and Screamadelica through to 2015 and Unloved’s latest. But this track from 1990 is the one – for me its like Moses bringing down from the mountain the stone tablets of remixing. The original My Bloody Valentine version was pretty damn good in its own right – have a listen to it first – but then listen to the seminal Andy Weatherall remix from his Glider EP – those vocals – that percussion – those loops. I still have it and when I put it on – only with headphones and only very loud – I slip back in time and walk up to Milligan Street and up the staircase full of anticipation and…




7 songs in 7 days – day 4

Freedom Suite

Well its 24 years on from the release of ‘The Road to Freedom’ – an LP that stands today with few peers. For me back then it perfectly captured a moment when a generation of British youth were discovering how much hip hop and beats paid respect to jazz and what jazz was really about. In Perth I was learning too. I had read the London Trilogy by Colin Macinnes and its visions of London in the 1950s as a melting pot of Caribbean music meets Soho Jazz meets post-war youth-culture – but the Absolute Beginners film then went and ruined it for me – all the grittiness of the novels was lost in slick dance productions and studio sets – it was ok but in a different way than what I wanted it to be. Around this time my post-80s-Mod musical world centred around collecting Totally Wired LP compilations and using these comps as launch pads for beats and jazz exploration. A lot of the music contemporaries of this album on labels like Acid-Jazz and Talking Loud have not aged that well (but that’s not to say that Giles and Eddie did not do a huge service at the time and for the future by passionately cataloguing this musical period – they did and only the two of them did) – often it was the technology and too much capturing the ‘vibes’ at the time – rather than the experiments – But the Young Disciples and their guests and collaborators felt like they were at a different level ensuring that in 2015 ‘Road to Freedom’ still sounds fresh. Stand-out track is ‘Freedom Suite’ where Marco, Femi and Carleen are joined by Johnny Lytle on vibes, Mick Talbot on keys, Wayne Bachelor on that incredible stay with you double bass riff and the raps and lyrics of I G Culture – video link contains lyrics – thanks Young Disciples


7 songs in 7 days – day 5

Dayzed Inn Daydreams

I like it – I realise now you pretty much spend every moment between each post consumed with thoughts of what artists, records and songs have left an impression and you then enter a self-critique – too popular – too obscure – the song not the body of work – not personal enough etc – but in the end its really about “shit I dig that”…. With The Golden Apples I get to listen to and play loads of new stuff so I have already played all my more recent favourites but I wanted to include something recent here. So I started to think about some ‘now’ artists I have seen at places like The Bakery. For me the new stuff generally means difficult listening – instead I like to sit on sounds for a while – like a year or more – and then see where they land in my head. Now Ariel Marcus Rosenberg has been in my head for a while now and his stickiness is complete – the gig last year at The Bakery was everything I hoped for and more – Ariel Pink is like Broadcast – the more you listen to the more that you want to listen to. I read a bio on Boiler Room that really captured my AP listening experience: “The world he paints is hard to describe: a unique amalgamation of 70s AM radio pop, arena-sized glam riffs, tape hiss, loping funk basslines, hammer horror atmospherics, blue-eyed soul, power pop dynamics and so much more besides, all shot through with a outré sense of dark humour”. I’ve heard some bad things about Ariel Pink – things he has said and done but it reminds me about some bad things about Phil Spector but I don’t think about those things when I listen to the music of a fractured genius – I have skipped the ‘hits’ (if some strange familiarity to things you have heard before is a hit) and instead offer the recent ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’ – and yes it has a special/different video/short film… but it just makes me want to know more about Ariel Pink….


7 songs in 7 days – day 6


So many great songs and memories left on the cutting room floor… in the beginning when it all started, almost a generation ago, my daughter loves the sound now, I don’t think I was really ‘into’ drum and bass – now I respect it like jazz – but then it was a ‘new’ sound – there were certain tracks you heard in the air – when you were out – certain ‘big’ artists like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, and Goldie – I think I could listen to Timeless on repeat forever (RIP Diane Charlemagne) and Goldie did some killer Bjork remixes when they were both getting it on – that was celebrity. This track is not Goldie although it could have been/should have been – instead this one is from a Tuesday night in Sydney around 1995 at the just opened Home at Darling Harbour – at the time I think there was just Home-London and Home-Sydney – it was the pinnacle of mega-clubs – now it’s a complete shit-hole and you would never go near it – but back then I had read about Home in Mixmag and The Face – it was tricky getting in as we joined an informed looking queue and I realised I was in Docs while everyone else had big $ trainers – I think it was $25 to get in on this packed Tuesday night – but we got in – Home was a 1000+ plus venue across three floors but served hardly any alcohol – there were long stainless steel water fountains on each floor – like the ones you remember from primary school – I bought an (imported back then) Heineken but looked like a dick. Upstairs there were all sorts of little mini-dance-floors looking out through big glass windows over the lights and water of Darling Harbour and massage-zones where you could chill with the smell of incense while being looked after – not what I was used to from small-room/back room clubbing. BUT all this is just atmospheric preamble because the thing about Home was the sound system – it was so good that in the main room in the middle of the dance floor we could talk while at the same time the bass of this track (the bass that kicks in at 2:23 but listen from the start) just entered our bodies and flowed through us like we were as one a part of the dancefloor, and the lights, and together with those around us – thank you Dave Wallace…


7 songs in 7 days – Day 7


I was born too late to be a Mod living in Shepherds Bush in 1965, but being a Mod living in Perth in the 1980s was pretty special – clothes, scooters, records, dancing, parties, girls, the Golden Rail Tavern, the Railway Hotel, the Shaftsbury Hotel, the Goldhawk Club… hanging out and never thinking about the future… a way of life…


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