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Love Chloe
August 19, 2017, 12:52 pm
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The timeless 21 sec of magic that is the ‘Love Chloe’ ad campaign from 2010…

The making-of the ‘Love, Chloé’ fragrance ad directed by Roman Coppola and featuring model Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmerman

Chemise original

Roller boogie remix

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Black and Blue Radio Show 15 January 2016

black and blue Jan 2016 edit (Medium)

A sweet little guest host spot on the legendary Black and Blue Radio Show Friday Night on RTRFM  – musical explorations of a deep and funky persuasion – ‘very funkapolitan’

Listen Here


Jef Gilson Big Band – Up To The Light – Jef Gilson Big Band

Louis Armstrong with Leon Thomas – The Creator Has a Master Plan

John Coltrane – Acknowledgement – A Love Supreme

Ballistic Brothers – Love Supreme – 12

Alexander Robotnick – Love Supreme – Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici with Alexander Robotnick

Tri-fire – Receiving End – Tri-fire Volume 1

Uku and Maryn – Suggestive – 12

Usje Sukatma – Waiting For Your Love – PPU 45

Circle City Band – Magic – Circle City Band

Bozeman and Roberts – Workin Mama – 12

Guitar Red – Disco From A Space Show – Personal Space (Electronic Soul 1974 – 1984)

Prince – Mountains – Extended 12

David Bowie – Golden Years (The Captain Tez Remix)

David Bowie and Grace Jones – Dream to the Rhythm Mash Up

Donnell Pittman – Love Explosion – Ultra High Frequencies: The Chicago Party

Robbie M – Lets Groove – Lets Groove

Dr Otto Gomez – Love Junky

Moodymann – I Cant Kick This Feeling When It Kicks

King So So – Disco in the Sky

Noo – No More

Wagon Cookin – I’m Gonna Make You Dance (Spirit Catcher Remix)

Ballplayers – American Worker

David Bowie / Pat Metheny – This is Not America (Silinders re-rub\)







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super wolf – a bad mutha
July 18, 2010, 6:43 am
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Boogie Scene Mix Videos
July 17, 2010, 6:29 am
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more very funky stuff…

Photos by the legendary Jamal Shbazz

peoples potential unlimited
July 17, 2010, 5:55 am
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peoples potential unlimited – where its at

Have been seriously getting into Peoples Potential Unlimited (PPU) Records and Tapes, the Washington DC label doing it with RESPECT for the eighties obscure boogie scene and the discovery of old cassettes in people’s garage sales or the treasures at the back of record collections. Still just in thier infancy they are doing kind of like what  Numero Group have been doing for the obscure seventies funk and soul scene and the discovery of old reel to reel masters in ex-session musos basements. I have bought a few 45s but I feel I will be buying a lot more…

There is a great interview with Founder Andrew Morgan on the DC-List.

“A few weeks back, the Library of Congress selected 25 songs it found significant enough to preserve into perpetuity. You could say Andrew Morgan is doing the same thing — except he’s a lot more genre-specific. Morgan is the force behind Peoples Potential Unlimited Records (PPU), a mail-order business focused on resurrecting and preserving the dance tunes from the early 1980s sometimes known as boogie-funk. If you’re having a hard time conceiving this sound, think of Madonna on her first album or even better, D-Train. Now imagine those folks with little money and no major label backing. You’ve now entered Andrew’s crate-digging world. What started out as a hobby selling flea market vinyl on eBay for the animator, UNC-Greensboro grad and Northern Virginia native has turned into a boutique label that’s allowed him to form bonds with artists who probably thought only their mothers knew they made an album — and, in some instances, still live with their moms…”

 Read the article and interview here

California Flight Project on PPU

JERRY J JOHNSON, captain of California Flight Project has had his hands on the controls since the 70s, soaring far above the radar, and never landing until now.  The Berkley California group has been performing and recording for years, even today, but their title “California Flight” was released only a few years ago on CD-R. For unknown reasons a vinyl record never launched in ’80.  So with PPU at co-pilot it’s time for this sublime soul vessel to take off.  Attention all passengers your California Flight number 1980 will be taking off shortly. Our destination will be to all radio stations, disc jockeys and discotheques, please secure your headphones for the sounds you are about to hear.. California Flight’s gonna take you for a ride. 7″inch black vinyl with picture sleeve.

Buy it  here

Earcave the Soul Boogie Shop run by the PPU collective is here

check these out ON FIRE…

Tri-Star – Unreleased Funk on PPU

Glass Pyramid on PPU

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Claude Mono Disco Jams Volume 1
March 15, 2009, 4:53 am
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keep it sweet for your feet



1) mystique – keep on jumping – classic p&p with a nice disco intro from the new york disco show

2) shirley lite – heat it up – a classic with a deep deep disco electro beat

3) galaxy – visions of tomorrow (past due mix) – low-fi organic disco at its best from the past due label

4) distance in time band – dance (past due mix) – another past due highlight

5) jackie stoudemire – invisible wind – from dont stop Tap Recordings on Numero – best disco comp in years!!

6) jean carne – was that all there was – disconet extended mix of the classic soul diva anthem

7) billy frazier – billy who – nice…

8) chic – i want your love (danny k re-edit) – awesome danny k reconstructionl!!

and here is a taster…mystique – keep on jumping

get the full mix here

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