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Mad Men Theme Day at work?
September 13, 2009, 10:26 am
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Some of the most beautiful and stylish things we ever see can so easily be destroyed. Think of all those beautiful original art deco building demolished, rare huge solid old trees chopped down for a river view, highways, roads and  the new estates of urban sprawl that scar the landscape of  its pastoral beauty – BUT  now there is something much worse …Mad Men Theme Day at work … no … no please God no…

When they start and they will start I hope its before November as things can get pretty hot after that and just a pair of Moscot Lemtosh prescription sunglasses will not be enough. Check out these DIY Mad Men photos starting to appear on Flickr and remember the path from the Height of Inflated Expectations to the Trough of Disillusionment is ever so short….

… and if  you just happen to be going to  New York ….

DIY Madmen 5DIY Madmen 1
DIY Madmen 2
DIY Madmen 3
DIY Madmen 6
DIY Madmen 7
DIY Madmen 8
DIY Madmen 9
DIY Madmen 10

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Coming to a small bar near you soon…
September 13, 2009, 6:23 am
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I could get some more of this…

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Lost In Translation 2
September 13, 2009, 6:14 am
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I was listening to the soundtrack this week and feeling like I just wasn’t getting enough Lost in Translation. I really wanted more and I kind of knew what I wanted more of – so I decided I would make a Lost In Translation 2 compilation. If you love a Sofia Copolla film then you love a Brian Reitzell produced soundtrack. I have tried to retain that amazing Brian Reitzell vibe that flows thematically through all his soundtrack work which includes CQ, Marie Antoinette and of course The Virgin Suicides.

The imaginary Lost in Translation 2 picks up from where the original soundtrack finishes off and would be what you might have got on a special Deluxe Edition CD and features dialogue, found sounds and great music from Japan, Psychedelic Furs, New Order, Fluke and others. The original soudtrack did not play all the music featured in the film but the music is detailed here so perhaps there will be a real Lost in Translation 2 sometime? – while we are waiting this mixtape has a sort of anticipatory Coppola-esque 80s meets post-millennium vibe and comes to you in HQ audio so I hope you enjoy it…

HQ audio stream at mixcloud

or download


lost in translation 2 - front
lost in translation 2 - back
lost in translation -OST - cover

If you enjoyed listening then check out Sofia Coppola Mixtape 2 which continues the atmospherics.

I also recommend these other essential Brian Rietzell curated soundtracks for your listening pleasure…
cq OST cover

marie antoineet OST

virgin suicides OST

el ritmo
September 7, 2009, 1:31 am
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el ritmo Aug 2009

Claude digs deep for this months Tuesday night  el ritmo hi fi journey – from out there swinging latin jazz combos through to baroque sunshine pop – from smooth seventies samba soul through to nu-jazz and Brazilian post rock and electronica  –  its all there – as Jazzman Gerald once said about a funky 45 “the girls will scream and faint, drinkers will chug and choke, and dancers will bounce off the walls” – Hightlights? – well the first track it pretty good and then  the grooves just get better and better!!



rtr radio





listen here


Playlist – El ritmo – Tue 1st Sep


Michel Legrand – The Boston Wrangler

Sunbirds – Ocean Song

Michel Magne – Grand Theme marko

Soundscape UK – Full Circle

Masaburri Kikuchi – Whats Baby Singing

Horst Jankowski – Raindertops Keep Falling On My Head

Jackie and Roy – Didn’t Want To Have To Do It

5th Dimension – Black Patch

Astrid Gilberto – Summer Sweet

UFO – My Foolish Dreams

Mr Hermano – Free As The Morning Sun

Cesar Mariano – Futebol

Zuco 103 – Mo

Iva Meirelles Funk N Lata  – Baile Funk Medley – Make It Funky

Showmen – Voglio Restora Solo

Thomir Pop Asanovic – Hot Pants Road

So Tres – Tanga

Cal Tjader  – I want You Back

Dansers Inferno – Sombre Guitar

Banda Black Rio – Maria Fumaca

Banda Black Rio – Candeia

Bill Summers – Brazillian Sky

Banda Black Rio – Miss Cheryl

Apollo Nove – Inexplitica

Apollo Nove – capoeira

Rosalia De Sousa – Rio De Janeiro

Suba – Tante Descargos

Suba – Voce Gosta

Suba – Futuro Primitivo

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