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Claude Mono’s mash-up (or is it a remix?) search
March 28, 2009, 4:19 am
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Darondo vs. Rene Costy – Didnt I/Scrabble




There are lots of really bad mash-ups out there – ones that once you hear them you really wish you hadn’t heard them – I heard one of those this week: Herb Alpert vs. Public Enemy  I recommend you don’t listen to it – but if you really want to it is here – even more scary is how  increasingly the art of the mash-up is being embraced by commercial radio to manufacture ‘safe bet’ hits for repeat ( I repeat) repeat airplay – perhaps there is some element of an opportunity for self-discovery for new genres there but Claude remains cynical on the whole mash-up thing – and is it a remix or a mash-up – I better get the technical definition on that  


There are some good ones out there – but they are harder to find – of the ‘biggies’ some Claude favourites include:


– James Brown Give It Up Turn It Loose Fantasista Re-Formation remix

– The Doors  vs. Bossa – Break On Through (Bossarocker Remix)

– Blondie vs. The Doors – Rapture Riders – played too death on the radio but pretty neat

– Erik B and Rakim vs. Little Kids  – Let The Rythm Hit Em


One of my favourites is Didn’t I/Scrabble which mashes Darondo with Rene Costy. This mashup (or is it a remix?) was done by Trishes from Austria and you can listen to it on his Myspace page here  (re-upped here)


The story of the rediscovery of Darondo is a great one and you can read about it as well as buy his killer LP here. As for Rene Costy,  well according to some quick Google research the track Rene Costy & His Orchestra – Scrabble appeared on a library LP Chappell Mood Music Volume 26. This was released in the 70’s on Chappell who were a European production company who released many “Mood Music” LPs featuring various Jazz/Funk/Soul artists. One of those artists was Rene Costy and His Orchestra. A true timeless classic! J Dilla sampled from the song for the track “Fuck The Police”.

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