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CQ Soundtrack – post modern french pop
March 21, 2009, 10:47 am
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CQ  (codename Dragonfly) – A kooky pop art sci fi film produced by Roman Copolla (Sophia’s brother) with a soundtrack by a group called Mellow – the soundtrack and the sounds of Mellow sound a lot like Air at thier best plus some sixties psych pop via the legendary Jacques Dutronic and Antonello Paliotti, the film is set in Paris and on screen it might be the grooviest production design and sets you have ever seen, the screen is filled by the beautiful Angela Lindvall doing the Barbarella thing -and a plot structure/design theme based on Danger Diabolik – a fantastic late 60s film directed by Mario Bava and itself featuring an incredible soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.  Claude recommends you watch CQ and buy the soundtrack – and then have a french nu-wave cinema sci-fi pop party and invite Claude to DJ.

On Air’s Moon Safari ‘Ce Matin La’ definitely was the best track. Patrick Woodcock who wrote it and was hanging out doing backing and other stuff for Air played some other tracks to longtime friend and sound engineer Pierre Begon-Lours, who agreed to co-produce them at his own studio with partner Stephane Luginbuhl, and Mellow was born. Mellow  was named after the Mellotron keyboard and name is the sound – vintage post modern french pop delivered to perfection across a few albums.


Here is Mellow  – The Lost One of the CQ Soundtrack

…and here you can download a little Claude Mono dialogue/music mini-mix sampler for your iPOD so you can get in the mood while waiting for the DVD to be returned at Planet so you can watch it.

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