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Bond in Brazil – Spyjazz and more
September 24, 2019, 9:09 am
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BOND in BRAZIL = latinbeat + librarybeat + soundtrackbeat + bigbeat…

your Tuesday night hi fi journey is shaken not stirred by AGENT OO MONO

remastered music only mix of my radio set on RTRFM radio show el ritmo 10 Sep 2019

Mixcloud here


Perez Prado – James Bond Mambo – Lights! Action! Prado!

Ray Barretto – 007 – Senor 007

David Holmes – Rodney Yates – Lets Get Killed

Johnny Pearson – Grand Prix – Inner City Beat_ Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers

Barry Adamson – 007, a Fantasy Bond Theme – Soul Murder

Soul Brothers – James Bond Girl

Cibelle – Underneath the Mango Tree – Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel

Count Basie & his Orchestra – Girl Trouble – Basie Meets Bond

Jet Set Unlimited – The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Theme

Brian Auger Julie Driscoll And The Trinity – Isola Natale – Open

Tremolo Beer Gut – Danube Incident – Under The Covers

Marvin Hamlisch – Bond 77 – Moonraker OST

Propellorheads – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Shaken and Stirred

David Arnold feat Leftfield – Spacemarch – Shaken and Stirred

John Barry – Space March (Capsule In Space) – You Only Live Twice OST

Les Gammas – La Vie Des Anges – Break N’ Bossa Chapter 3

Ray Barretto – Tin Tin Deo (Dj Muro Remix On Fania DJ Series)

David Holmes – Radio 7 – Lets Get Killed

Orbital – The Saint

Roy Budd meets MB – Get Carter (Heavy Drum Mix)

Los Cariocas – Tequila

Perry and the Harmonics – Goldfingers Got the Blues – Intrigue with Soul

Lalo Schifrin – Shifting Gears – Bullitt

Dave Richmond – Heavy Lead- Inner City Beat: Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers – Soul Jazz

Ken Woodman and his Piccadilly Brass – Twelve By Two (1966)

Hugo Montenegro – Our Man Flint

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Come Spy With me

The Son Of P.M. – James Bond Theme – Thai Beat A Go-Go

The Sacred Cows – Kill, Kill, Kill

Barbara Feldon – Max

Piero Piccioni – New York By Night – Anastasia Mio Fratello

Stefano Torosi – Fearing Much – Feelings


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Red Parrot Reunion Breakast Mixtape
April 7, 2019, 5:27 am
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Hey gang I popped into RTRFM’s Breakfast with Taylah for this week’s Breakfast Mix and to discuss all things Red Parrot and 6UVSFM including the joys of clubbing in the days before mobile phones and social media – its only a short interview and a short mix but it has 14 tracks – the DJs have been sharing lists this week and favs on the Red Parrot Remembered FB page for a much longer selection of 100% RP classics – see you Sat for RPR 3

Restream with interview here – starts at 0:28 into the stream

Red Parrot Remembered Photos Page here 

here is the mix – just the music



Art of Noise – Moments in Love – 1985
West India Company – Ave Maria – 1985
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) ‎- Der Mussolini – 1981
Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened – 1984
Incantation – Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsa Desi) – 1982
Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (John Robie Mix) – 1983
Cabaret Voltaire – Do Right – 1984
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria – 1984
Shriekback – My Spine is the Bassline – 1982
Siouxie and the Banshees – Spellbound – 1981
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84) – 1982
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – 1979
The Birthday Party – Release the Bats – 1981
The Triffids – My Baby Thinks She’s a Train – 1984

more Red Parrot mixtapes here


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Whatever happened to the Kahiki Supper Club Fireplace? A Tiki Mystery!

Kahiki Supper Club 

1961… Columbus, Ohio… The Kahiki Supper Club, the mother ship of all South Seas themed restaurants, opens its doors. Located at 3583 East Broad Street. It was an easy landmark to identify. Shaped like a Polynesian fighting boat 40 feet tall with giant flaming Moai Heads outside the main doors that opened up into a tropical rainforest and reproduction of a typical Pacific Islander tribal village. The Kahiki’s name literally translates as “Sail to Tahiti”. In 1957 Lee Henry and Bill Sapp thought that Columbus could support another supper club and began traveling around the country in search of inspiration. In their travels, it struck them that all of the Polynesian restaurants they visited were doing very well and offered a more casual experience than many of the other clubs of the era. Thus, the idea of the Kahiki began to take shape.

As The Kahiki’s decorator, the pair hired Coburn Morgan, a prominent Ohio restaurant designer whose career may have been launched by his work on the Kahiki. The flamboyant design of the Kahiki was undoubtedly due to him. Construction began in June of 1960 at a cost of over a million dollars and the Kahiki opened her legendary doors in February of 1961.

The design of the building was based on men’s meeting houses of New Guinea and the details featured along the curved roof were found on many of the war canoes of the region. Pelicans and fish lined the apex of the roof, thought to be symbols of plentiful good food. Two replicas of the Easter Island heads stood guard at the doorway that was lined with murals to ward away evil spirits.

Stepping through the doorway of the 50-foot facade visitors entered a darkened Tahitian village with tall palm trees, waterfalls, thatched huts, idols, and a wild profusion of South Seas-style artefacts. Drinks were hard to resist. With three bars on the ground floor alone, the Kahiki’s menu included drinks served in 30 different glasses, goblets, and ceramic cups and bowls. The most expensive was the Mystery Drink served with four straws. Its presentation involved a scantily dressed waitress, the ringing of a gong, the gift of a lei, and a kiss. There were also Smoking Eruptions, with fumes emanating from chunks of dry ice, as well as Pago Passages, Malayan Mists, Tonga Tales, and Native Nectars.

The centrepiece of the main dining hall was an 80-feet tall tiki goddess with bright red eyes and a fireplace for a mouth.

Bathrooms featured shell washbasins and the sounds of “Thunder and Lighting” filled the tropical rainforests that lined the sides of the village interior which also featured were giant wall-sized aquariums filled with tropical fish of the South Pacific.

The Outrigger and Maui bars were on either side of the foyer and often the Beachcomber Trio could be found playing a fusion of Latin jazz and Polynesian melodies. The trio players were Bob Chalfant on piano, Henry Burch on Vibraphone, conga, bells and trumpet, and Marsh Padillo on guitar, flute and percussion. In 1965, they cut a record recorded live at The Kahiki and following the discovery of the original reel to reel tapes and it was recently re-released in a very limited edition hard to find vinyl. More about this below.

Watch some Home Movies…

Demolition of a National Treasure

The Kahiki was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in in 1997 (all the details can be seen here and recognised for its “rich Polynesian culture, architectural design and influence on national and local restaurant history.” Sadly receiving this national recognition didn’t stop The Kahiki from being demolished in 2000 to make way for a Walgreen’s supermarket.

On no where is the fireplace?


Lots more very depressing demolition photos here


Whatever happened to the Kahiki Supper Club Fireplace? A Tiki Mystery!

Much of the internal fittings were saved before the demolition and put in storage for an intended re-opening that sadly never happened… great mystery surrounded what happened to the huge fireplace…

The Answer…


The Beachcomber Trio “Live at the Kahiki 1965”

Experience an exotic evening at the famous Kahiki Supper Club, the legendary “Tiki Temple” in Columbus Ohio, listening to The Beachcomber Trio, the house band. This recording brings back the excitement of a small live audience with cocktails in hand and even includes the sound of the bar’s waterfall adding to the unique environmental experience. Listen now to the sound of a night out inside of the greatest Polynesian restaurants in the world.  This previously unreleased tape was for years in the possession of trio leader Marsh Padilla and recently presented to exotica musicologist Jeff Chenault who put the release together which is available through Dionysus Records. People who visited, or wished they had visited The Kahiki Supper Club definitely want to check out this LP.

LISTEN below to Don Brown one of the original members of the Beachcomber Trio discuss the Tahiki and the LP.

Kahiki Closing Party – Tiki News bids farewell to an icon
by Otto von Stroheim

What a party. Tiki News hosted legendary Columbus, Ohio’s Kahiki Restaurant’s closing party on August 26, 2000. Words cannot describe the overwhelming architecture (a one-story building with a sweeping roof that reaches 90 feet at the front of its A-frame) and the perfect Polynesian/Tiki ambiance of Kahiki. Nor can mere words begin to describe the warmth, hospitality and goodwill that abounded within the walls of Kahiki when 500 Tiki lovers converged there. Guests traveled from all over the U.S. and abroad. Some of the cities represented were Atlanta, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Madison, Melbourne, Minneapolis, New York, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Some of the Tiki celebrities included Shag aka Josh Agle (Tiki News #2 cover artist and former TikiTones guitarist), Martin McIntosh (Taboo: The Art of Tiki), Scott Owen (Murder Can Be Fun), Stacey Toon (Cheeseball), Al Hoff (ThriftScore), Vern Stoltz (Cannot Become Obsolete), Dirty Donny from Montreal (Kahiki poster artist), Freddy Fortune (musician), Johnny Halifax (London designer & filmmaker), tchotke maker Tiki King, Andy Cruz (Tiki font designer), monster maker Erik Von Gorr, Chris Pfouts (editor International Tattoo mag), Joe Bob Briggs (movie reviewer who is writing an article on Trader Vic), and of course Sven-Tiki aka Sven Kirsten (Book of Tiki; Tiki News co-editor). Foremost among the Tiki stars were original owner Bill Sapp, creator of drink & food recipes and the first bartender for the Kahiki Sandra O’Conte, and the builder (the guy responsible for the cement Maois out front) Herman Leitwein.

As the party kicked in the Kahiki house band gave the guests upstairs a taste of what a typical Saturday night at Kahiki is like. This was anything but a typical night though as Master Chef-in-the-making (and Michael’s son) Jeff Tsao orchestrated a top of the line luau with huge shrimp skewers pincushioned into towers made from fresh pineapples, two full roasted pigs with candied cherries for eyes, salmon pate shaped like a large salmon with head and fins reattached, make-your-own wonton bar, and lots of vegetarian fare too. Jeff is attending culinary school in Boston and took two months off to work the closing days of the Kahiki. If the luau spread and the media circus were not enough to distract folks from admiring the Kahiki’s lush tropical decor then live sets from Hollywood’s King Kukulele and Honolulu’s Don Tiki were. King Kukulele is a wild one man show using his uke and his humor to captivate audiences worldwide. Having recorded a pure modern Exotica album with guest appearances by the creator of Exotica music Martin Denny, Don Tiki was the logical choice for headlining this event. This was their first mainland performance and they made it memorable by kicking off with an address by Martin Denny filmed a few days prior. Denny closed his video greeting by playing the opening bars of Quiet Village then Don Tiki joined in a virtual jam with Denny and continued the tune to open their first set. Their fetching Island Goddess/bassist Hai Jong captivated the audience with her rhythm while the nine member band gave us 2 hours of perfectly executed Exotica.

As an added treat, a list of Tiki celeb DJs entertained in the banquet room all night: Jack Com Ed keyboardist extraordinaire; Rex Doane, WFMU DJ; Michael Toth, world renown Enoch Light appreciator & Cleveland radio DJ; Jeff Chenault, Les Baxter chronicler.

The entire Kahiki staff was also at their best. All of the lovely waitresses showed up in Hawaiian dresses – one even brought her daughter Lexa in a grass hula skirt outfit! And let no one forget the bartending duo of Skip and Jim. The locals worked these guys so hard for the last four months that one of the other bartenders literally walked off his shift shortly after opening on Friday (Kahiki’s last night open to the public which drew a line out the door). “The disappointing thing about the last four months is that it has been so busy that we couldn’t even talk to the regulars – we didn’t have time,” lamented Skip. Skip and Jim have been with the Kahiki 22 and 18 1/2 years respectively. During that time they saw Kahiki bar staff gradually lose its drink recipe books (and a few drinks fell off the menu too) but written recipes aren’t necessary for Skip & Jim who memorized the 40 drinks on Kahiki’s menu long ago. “Some of the drinks are easy: the only difference between a Zombie and a Barrelito is [1/2 ounce of ] Navy Grog mix,” stated Jim. But the Navy Grog mix is another story; The Kahiki Navy Grog mix is so complex and made so infrequently (once every 5 years) that the recipe was seldomly seen let alone memorized. Jim made it once when he was first hired at age 20, then again at 25. “I noticed [the recipe] hanging on a wire one day in the kitchen and I thought ‘That’s gonna fall off and get lost’” Jim divulged to me as I navigated my Navy Grog, “so I copied it down and kept it at home. Months later when it came time to make the recipe the other bartender said ‘It’s gone!’ and I said ‘No it isn’t I have it at home’”. Legend has it that making the mix requires a large pot and hours of patience. After pouring in the right amounts of sherry, three kinds of bitters (“Last time I had to purchase them at the pharmacy because the liquor stores don’t carry them anymore” explained Jim), curacao, rock candy syrup, orgeat syrup, cinnamon, etc. a stirrer is made from a stick and about a pound of cloves wrapped in cheesecloth. This is used to stir the mixture as it is slowly brought to a boil. The recipe fills 50-100 bottles! You won’t find this in your supermarket any time soon.

The Kahiki closing party was part dream, part nightmare for me. While it was a dream come true to be a major player in possible the biggest Tiki event this year if not this decade, it was alternately depressing to think that one of the world’s best Tiki bars would soon meet its demise and I was basically powerless to stop this…

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Ipanema Beach from Dusk till Dawn
February 27, 2019, 2:40 am
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Mellow – Bossa – Electronica – Beats – Jazz….

Welcome to el ritmo and Ipanema Beach from Dusk till Dawn..

Show restream here

Mixcloud Mixtape here – just the music


Dusk at Ipanema Beach

Mauricio Maestro – Ouvindo Estrelas – Upside Down

Beautify Junkyards – Radioactivity – Beautify Junkyards Debut

Beautify Junkyards – fuga n 2 (Os Mutantes Cover) – Beautify Junkyards Debut

Marcos Valle – My Nightingale

Astrud Gilberto – Manha de Carnaval (Acapella Remix) – The Shadow of Your Smile

Ann Luz – Por Qu – Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992

Troubleman (feat. Nina Miranda) – Paz – Time Out of Mind

Ohm G – Island Dream – Power of Flower

Junip – Oba, La Vem Ela

Jose Prates  – Imbarabao – Tam Tam Tam more info below 

Sonzeira – O Que Voce Sabe

Eumir Deodato / Os Catedraticos – Os Grilos

Sambaio (Atjazz Astro Dub) – Gilles Peterson Presents Sonzeira Brasil Bam Bam Bass

Sonzeira – Samba de Retorno – Tam Tam Reimagined

Arthur Verocai – Pelas Sombras – Arthur Verocai

Jneiro Jarel aka Dr Who Dat? – Brazilliant Thought – Beat Journey

Arthur Verocai – Encore (instrumental) – Encore

Kenichiro Nishihara – Nebulosa – Humming Jazz

Andrea Pozza Trio – Nebulosa (Tenorio Jr)

Otto – Bob featuring Bebel Gilberto (Edu K Mix) – Samba Pra Burro

Kevin Yost – Conquistadors (Extended Mix)

Truby Trio – Alegre

Pathless – Goddess – Glucklich III

Want more…

Cult Brazilian album gets a musical reimagining.

Publicised by its high ranking on the Gilles Peterson wantlist, Jose Prates’ Tam… Tam… Tam…! is one of the most sought after and unique records to have come out of Brazil. After a plea on Channel 4 News (see below), Peterson eventually procured a mint copy – not long after Jonny Trunk’s 2014 re-issue.

Recorded in 1958, the original is exotic, the male vocals sounding like a Robeson of the southern hemisphere, and both of these qualities are partly on account of the record’s origin as the music for a stage show financed by the Brazil Culture Ministry. It’s a sublime piece of music from start to finish but particularly heralded for ‘Nana Imboro’, a prototype of ‘Mas Que Nada’ – the track that became a Sergio Mendes mega anthem.


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Siamese Dream – Indie – Second Excursion
January 14, 2019, 3:35 pm
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Monday night clubbing like its 1991?…where’s me jumper?…casual sex in the Cineplex. ..yes I am back doing another Siamese Dream…

its all sticky carpet, cheap drinks and falling in love under the strobe lights at The Firm Nightclub upstairs at The Old Melbourne Hotel – getting out some of my fave indie dance classics, obscurities and remixes, and even some post-millennium hidden-gems so purist-spotters can abuse me via – great sounds never die!!…

Show restream here

HQ Mixcloud Mixtape here (just the music)

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Edition)

Stereolab – Doubt (Rough Trade Records in store performance 1991) /
Ride – Twisterella /
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks /
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Sherriff Fatman /
U2 – Lady With The Spinning Head /
Pulp – Seductive Barry /
Sultans of Ping – Where’s Me Jumper /
Crash Dept – Nothing Outside /
Pop Will Eat Itself – Cicciolina /
Flowered Up – Weekender /
Primal Scream -Screamadelica – Dixie Narco EP /
Primal Scream – (Im Gonna) Cry Myself Blind – The Original Memphis Recordings /
The Farm – Stepping Stone (12 inch Ghost Dance Mix) /
The Cult -She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version) – Love /
The Cult – Assault on Sanctuary /
Devilish Dear – Time to Live a Little – These Sunny Days /
My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said – Loveless /

Want More? – If you like what you hear then check out Siamese Dream – Indie – First Excursion. You can still listen to the full Mixcloud HQ Mixtape plus read and watch stuff here

and watch…

Primal Scream – The Memphis Recordings here

Music For Misfits – The Story of Indie Documentary here

Madchester Documentary here

Awaydays – Casuals Film here

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Best of 2018
December 16, 2018, 9:55 am
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Claude Mono curates The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show on RTRFM. 

Highly subjective selections … Yes, it’s that time of the year again … where I trawl the folders on my Seagate external backup drives … shuffle through the Expedit shelves checking the recent vinyl … Did I not buy more this year? … why did I buy so many new-age reissues? … and I plunder other people’s blogs and lists but never really find what I thought I would find …

no top ten countdown type order- this year’s list is elegantly sequenced to match its own musical bell curve but really who cares … you can ignore the diary-like reflections and random thought-bubbles and just enjoy the HQ Mixcloud mixtape here

Rabbit Island – Jonah’s Dream, on the Rocks – Deep In The Big

Over the years I have enjoyed seeing Amber Fresh and friends in many unusual places including the ever first fundraiser for The Golden Apples of the Sun a longtime ago, performing in the basement at the Re-Store for The View from Here, at Camp Doogs, and even in the kitchen at a party at Jade Nobb’s house. This new LP beautifully under-engineered. Jonah’s Dream, On the Rocks is not the ‘best’ track but is my favorite. And I love the cover artwork

Gavino Morretti – Dawn of a New Generation – The Shildam Hall Tapes

Since 2014 Stephen Prince’s A Year In The Country has been defining and redefining its own pastoral and hauntological identify evolving to a vast project that now encompasses the original blog, a series of musical releases, and now a book. The music is “an exploration of the undercurrents and flipside of bucolic dreams and where they meet and intertwine with the parallel worlds of hauntology; it connects layered and, at times, semi-hidden cultural pathways and signposts, journeying from acid folk to edgelands via electronic music innovators, folkloric film and photography, dreams of lost futures and misremembered televisual tales and transmissions”.

This track by Gavino Moretti was a highlight on 2018’s The Shildam Hill Tapes  which is soundtrack providing ‘reflections to an imaginary film’ – think ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ meets ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ and you get the idea…

A Hawk & A Hacksaw – The Magic Spring – Forest Bathing 

I have loved A Hawk and Hacksaw since I discovered their Easter Folk many years ago. They have stayed true to the cause with little treasures along the way such Oporto and last years solo LP Agistri by Heather Trost. The video for ‘The Magic Spring’ of latest LP Forest Bathing is directed by Peter Strickland of Duke of Burgundy fame, with Producer, production & costume designer: Dora Nedeczky.


Sonoda – Goodbye – Karaoke Life

Lisa Sonada’s LP Karaoke Life came out in September 2018 but really was a celebration of all that preceded it: “…for growth from struggle, for lessons and challenges. for years Lisa Sonoda has guided us through her sonic universe to gaze and contemplate upon the arcs of existence by way of waves of sines. with karaoke life, recorded live to 2″ tape, we find her for the first time supported by a band of six close friends to articulate a vision. if karaoke rewards those who read from the script, act with linearity, and find comfort in familiarity then karaoke life is a practice in looking away from the screen, pulling the plug on the music, and singing your own song”. The track Goodbye was originally found on Clearing 1 back in 2016. I accidentally discovered Sonoda this year through this Tiny Desk video…


John Makin & Friends – No Lie – Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980​-​1991

Creating timeless and stand-out works of great beauty in the vast compilation genre has been a challenge that when done well I can really appreciate – compilations like Creation Record’s Keeping The Faith, or more recently Efficient Space’s  Sky Girl and Music from Memory’s Outro Tempo. Well Music From Memory got it right again in 2018 with Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe, 1980-1991 a multiple artist multiple genre compilation compiled by record connoisseur Raphael Top-Secret and label man Jamie Tiller. “It brings together twenty one tracks from across the European continent, ’Uneven Paths’ focuses on a selection of tracks that go beyond the confines of mainstream pop music but which also transcend expectations of much of the ’experimental’ music of the time”.

Footnote: remembering now last year’s Sky Girl and Nora Guthrie, daughter of American folk musician and singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie and his second wife Marjorie Mazia Guthrie, sister of singer/songwriter Arlo Guthrie, and granddaughter of renowned Yiddish poet Aliza Greenblatt… her largely (still) undiscovered track Home Before Dark


Testbild – Under Paraplyet –  Stad

A new LP from Testbild for 2018. They are from Sweden have been around like forever really and are much loved by those who know of them and who sometimes reference them as a Swedish Stereolab hybrid. I like that in the same way as the (kind of) legendary Kriedler are the other band from Dusseldorf but everyone has only heard of Kraftwerk.

Testbild have a lengthy catalog to explore. The new album Stad was recorded at Sonores Studios in Gothenburg, deep inside a hidden shelter where saxophones and mellotrones may howl and buzz as much as they want without the rest of the city hearing. Van Der Graaf Generator and Nürnberg 47 are lurking behind the facades, the flashing and crackling of stars falling down into a dark pond at night. The track ‘Under Paraplyet’ just oozes out of the speakers like a jazz-buzzed Stereolab.

From their website bio…

So, finally to the big question: is Testbild! really pop music?
The answer is Yes, if you want it to be. But Testbild! is also an abstract idea that is everywhere around you. A strange conspiracy of thoughts and musical beliefs, always dedicated to hummable tunes, otherworldly sounds and song writing. You are always welcome to join us, if you think you can see trough the web of lies and hypocrisy of commercial music. Because, and this is important, ANYONE can be a member of Testbild!. And anyone IS. You know that guy with the glasses sitting in the corner of your local café, staring at you all the time? Most certainly a Testbild! member. The old lady selling apples at the market square, always humming on a strange tune? Testbild! member. The little girl in a school uniform standing on a balcony, looking up in the sky? OK, now you get it.


The Limiñanas – The Gift (feat. Peter Hook) – Shadow People


C’est Magnifique… The Liminanas put this out at the very start of 2018 on ‘Shadow People’ and 12 months later its one of my best songs of the year. Peter Hook adds the New Order style ‘hooks’ and those Marie Limiñana vocals. Peter Hook himself is always modest and full of humility and I am sure he is quite genuine in this interview video when he confirms how his contribution takes the track towards the status of ‘La vie en Rose  by Grace Jones or the work of The Velvet t Underground. There are some great live versions – all very raw – I love the one with the guy in the suit on stage dancing – in the band? who is he? … move over Bez. 


Zooey – Ride, Ride / Fin Du Travail, Vie Magique – Inspiration Information

Love this – I guess its 2018 style indiepop? It has a lot going on. I think my love could be more related to a little Instagram video I made when I mixed it with an obscure 1980s band called Twins and that little video is now the only image I have when I listen to this great happy song.


A Beacon School – Its Late – Cola

This was already a great song and has loads of fan videos but I think this is one of the best video ideas I have watched this year – it goes perfectly well with the track and is such a simple editing idea.


Jonathon Wilson with Laaraji – Loving You – Rare Birds

This one first appeared in a very celestial new age set within a great edition of the Golden Apples. You can still hear the HQ mix here and an equally good one by Jesse Yuen here

Jonathon Wilson has appeared in my ‘Best of’ lists before with his stunning song and video for Desert Raven’.

If 2018 was ‘peak’ new age revival then Jonathon Wilson and Laraaji coming together and sharing some love was really all you could possibly hope for.


Khruangbin – Friday Morning – Con Todo El Mundo


After being under the radar for a while 2018 saw Laura Lee, Mark Speer, and Donald “DJ” Johnson as Khruangbin go completely overground. A band that truly knows, understands and channels its influences. So tight live – I love their live versions. 


Pram – Across The Meridian – Where the Sea Stops Moving

Still from upcoming video for ‘Shadow in Twilight’

Pram’s first album in over a decade is something to celebrate. “The album’s apex is reached on the penultimate ‘Where the Sea Stops Moving’ – a still piece that echoes with the quiet, scratchy fuzz of an old record player while Sam Owen delivers a downright haunting vocal performance. Her voice glides over the song’s ghastly aura as well as its distant classical piano notes, creating one of the most disturbingly memorable moments that Across the Meridian serves up. By the time the album concludes there’s this sensation of awaking in the middle of a dream, and the only solution is to be to re-emerge your ears and your mind. It’s an album that rewards repeated listens because there is so much to be gained from them. Every journey back to Meridian offers one more dazzling gem, shimmering in the music’s translucent waters just waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself and become beautifully adrift”.


Bibio – Capel Celyn – Phantom Brickworks

juju namjai’s YouTube comment expresses it better than I can… “I like where he’s going. It’s where he’s at. It’s just a snapshot in an everlasting wave of time. I like the way this piece makes me feel. You can’t please fans, where’s the art in that?!. Someone will always compare and someone will always have attachments. This is perfect, in every way. Repeat. The video is a from a series made by Bibio himself. I posted them here.


… and so it ends

… don’t forget you can listen to all the tracks on a HQ Mixcloud mixtape here

Near misses

Too many… but a few that I definitely should have thought of but forgot are:


From Feb Lake Ruth’s great LP Birds of America – love the track ‘Julia’s Call’


From Feb the killer Onepointwo remix of a track of the 2017 Tara King Theory LP ‘Stellar Fantasies’


From December Unloved and ‘Hearbreak’ with its Julian House video – the new LP did not make it for 2018

want more? 

Start with Best of 2017 last years list and then previous lists here


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Breakfast Mix
December 9, 2018, 2:19 am
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A Breakfast Mix for Taylah as featured on Breakfast with Taylah on

A 30-minute musical ‘bell curve’ that starts of slowly and then ends back where it begins… poetry and cinema with Sylvia Plath, Sofia Coppola, Risky Business… music from The Billinda Butchers, Zooey, The Chemical Brothers, A Beacon School, Red Axes, Global Communications and more..

Listen on Mixcloud here


Darkel – Satanama – Summer – 2015 /

Sylvia Plath – Lady Lazarus (excerpt) – 1962 BBC recording /

Zooey – Ride, Ride Fin Du Travail Vie Magique – Inspiration Information EP – 2018 /

The Billinda Butchers – All My Friends – regret, love, guilt, dreams EP – 2011 /

Chemical Brothers – The State Were In (excerpt) – Come with Us – 2002 /

Red Axes – Sun My Sweet Sun (Konstantin Sibold Afro Tech Remix) – 2016 /

Sofia Coppola – Everything Changes – Lick the Star (excerpt) – 1998 /

The XX – Intro – XX – 2009 /

A Beacon School – Its Late – Cola – 2018 /

Eric Kupper presents K-scope – Organism (excerpt) -1994 /

Williams – Love n A Real Train (Odyssey Mix) – 2008 /

Global Communication – 8:07 – 76:14 – 1994 /

Sylvia Plath – Lady Lazarus (excerpt) – 1962 BBC recording /