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Positive Vibes #1 Mixtape
April 3, 2009, 11:59 pm
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Positive Vibes #1 Mixtape is right here



A genre named (we think) by DJ Francesco and one’s self one night on the Soulsides Radio Show to try and capture the feeling of those great soul tracks that just make you want to smile, and that make you wish that everyone walking down the street was on the same groove as you. They usually have a laid back organic lo-fi production, contain acoustic guitar, loads of soaring feel good vocals, and all on top of a solid soul groove. Its been months in the making – starting with about 50 ‘on it’ tracks, getting down to about 30 and then down to this little set… at last Positive Vibes #1 hits the street and straight to your iPod so you can dance on the way to work – feel the realness – there is definitely enough here for #2 very soon – love Claude


  • intro – Elements – from the SOUL TV Show
  • Sarah Webster Fabio – Glimpses – from her classic  LP Boss Soul
  • Amnesty – Trouble Will Remain – Truth and Soul Remix  from the Now Again Records Sampler LP Resounds Vol 1
  • Batteaux – High Tide – from the self-titled 1973 LP
  • Hard Meat – Free Wheel – from the fantastic folk funk psych reissue compilation From Burbank to the Bay Area
  • Linda Lewis – Waterbaby –  from her original 1972 LP Lark   
  • I’m Movin on – Larry T and The Family – from  the very 1970’s sounding 1980 private press LP I’m Movin on – not a bad track on a classic that should have sold a million
  • Voices of East Harlem – Rare So Rare – off a nice scratchy vinyl copy of the LP Can You Feel It
  • Minnie Riperton – Expecting – off the essential  LP Come To My Garden – now this one has ‘production’ – Charles Stepney production!!  
  • The Final Solution – Girl In My Life – In 2008 Numero Records issue Pusherman  the finest Blaxpoitation folky funk Soundtrack never released and with guitars instead of strings – oh yeah
  • Jimmy and Vella – Yes or no – off the LP Hearbeat
  • Sebastian Williams – Get Your Point Over- big finish positive vibes classic
  • Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change A thing – even bigger classic
  • James Mason – Sweet Power Embrace – wow!! more please
  • Diedre Wilson Tabac – Magic One – a one off classic LP
  • Freddie Cole – Brother Where Are You  


eddie kendricks – date with the rain (not on the tape (space) – but should have been 🙂 its just sooooooo… funky

Linda Lewis on Positive Vibes #1

Linda Lewis on Positive Vibes Mixtape #1

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