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Mad Men Theme Day at work?
September 13, 2009, 10:26 am
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Some of the most beautiful and stylish things we ever see can so easily be destroyed. Think of all those beautiful original art deco building demolished, rare huge solid old trees chopped down for a river view, highways, roads and  the new estates of urban sprawl that scar the landscape of  its pastoral beauty – BUT  now there is something much worse …Mad Men Theme Day at work … no … no please God no…

When they start and they will start I hope its before November as things can get pretty hot after that and just a pair of Moscot Lemtosh prescription sunglasses will not be enough. Check out these DIY Mad Men photos starting to appear on Flickr and remember the path from the Height of Inflated Expectations to the Trough of Disillusionment is ever so short….

… and if  you just happen to be going to  New York ….

DIY Madmen 5DIY Madmen 1
DIY Madmen 2
DIY Madmen 3
DIY Madmen 6
DIY Madmen 7
DIY Madmen 8
DIY Madmen 9
DIY Madmen 10

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