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honky tonk – soulsides
April 30, 2011, 8:29 am
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Its a Claude Mono Deluxe Edition!!! – 100% honky tonk, R&B, doo wop, blues and soul, JB flavours … Mr Mono says “SOLID”

listen here

bardu and his orchestra – boogie rebop
three bits of bacon – yas yas yas
the mariners – zindy lou
guitar jones – roll roll roll
james brown – can you feel it
preacher stevens – whoopin and a hollerin
sil austin – slow walk
etta james – W.O.M.A.N.
james brown – somebody changed the lock on my door
james brown band – limbo jimbo
barbara king – what I did in the street
doloris ealy – its about time I made a change
the flames – infatuation
baby lloyd – something on your mind
yvonne fair – you can make it if you try
king coleman – three soulful mice
james brown – good rockin tonight
elsie may – whole lot of loving
james brown and the JBs – devils den (live)
bad boys – black olives
bo diddley – black soul
clarence garlow – the new bon ton roulay
bo diddley – I don’t like you
james brown – sumpin else
the jewels – papa’s left me holdingthe bag
dizzy jones – just as soon as you play
big ella – too hot to handle
the dapps – bringing up the guitar
lee austin – tuti fruiti
james brown – papa’s got a brand new bag pt 1 pt 2
creed taylor orchestra – the nervous beat
james brown – don’t deceive me
major lance – the matador
major lance – rhythm
kent and the candidates – trouble


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