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The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show
February 19, 2011, 6:08 am
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Hey Freak-Folksters check out the new radio show and the new blog with show streams  here



Re: Golden Apples of The Sun Radio Show

Quite an interesting show your presenting here Claude, and I hope you can build up an audience for it. I was going to ring you up and correct you about Fern Knight but I think you said you just got that album during the week, so I guess you’ll figure out pretty soon that they’re a band.

The most comprehensive acid/folk/world psychedelic website I’ve found on the net is a Belgian website linked to a radio show.

…however its easy to get lost when navigating through its page links (and the reviews seem to be in a translated kind of English. But for a guide to recordings from past and present its almost never-ending. (eg. You’ll see extensive photos of rare singles and LPs by Turkish psychedelic artists of the 60’s and 70’s)

Looking at the playlists and having heard a couple of the programs it seems there are wide ranging choices between presenters. I’m still a bit unsure of what music defines the show and what stuff doesn’t. The first show was kind of freeform and the show on the 13th March was a bit more structured and narrowed down a few of the essential folk artists. Folktronica sound a bit homogenous to me at the moment.

My preference is for the more ‘outsider’ or ‘underground’ folk/psych/drone sounds that labels like those recordings released by Secret Eye and Last Visible Dog labels in the US. On the more accessible some of the stuff released by US label Soft Abuse (the Jewelled Antler collective bands) and Australian label Camera Obscura (R.I.P.) are amongst my favourites that crossover into the folk genre. I also like most of the British ‘wyrd folk’ artists and Robin Crutchfield.

I’m curious to know whether this would be considered Golden Apples of The Sun type music?

Robin Crutchfield -Elf Train From Toadstall Soup (2:31)


Comment by Alex Kapsalos

Hi Alex thanks for your detailed comments. You are spot on in suggesting the show has not yet pin-pointed its identitity in a genre-sense. This is both a strength and a weakness. The show has a broad genre-spectrum to keep it interesting and diverse but also to give the Presenters some room to move. The current spectrum includes Folk, Psych, Folktronic, Folkgaze, Glitch and Electronica. There is a focus towards contemporary sounds but this still allows healthy dose of original reference points placed in context. It is definitely not strictly classic-psych – but we might play some Heron or Comus – and definitely not world – but we might play some Brazillian fuzz psych – you get the picture. If we are too narrow in our focus the show would become too boring too quickly for anyone not interested in the specific genre being focused upon so we intentionally keep it wide – especially while we are ‘young’ – most of all its a new Collective so the presenters themselves are learning and feeling as we go and listening to each other too – will check out the links you have provided – and keep listening as your feedback is hugelyappreciated

Comment by claudemono

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