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red castle – castle of dreams

if you look closely in at the window design you can see its the original rooms from the 60s below

Strangely I was thinking about the Red Castle over the weekend given it was Halloween and was wondering if it was still there? –  so I took a spin out to Rivervale to try and find it and oh my god it is still there!! – but now in full abandoned glory. Unbelievable for Perth I know that it has survived even it its abandoned state – it has been due for the bulldozer for ages now.

So with a few snaps of my own I trawled the web to find some others and have collated some of them here to create for you this atmospheric trip down memory lane….

…but wait there is more… the Function Room looks like it could still ‘function’ (check out the shot through the window and the Knight in armour) – so I am making some enquiries… lets get King Arthur’s revolving restaurant revolving again – anyone want to host a party with me? – THE Party!!

Sadly the main hotel complex has a reputation for being very dodgy – some amazingly sleazy interior photos to be found here

UPDATE: After the initial post Rodney one of the head honchos back in the day made contact via Worst of Perth and provided a glimpse into the pure style that was to be found back in the 70s in Rivervale!!!

“There was no Beef Wellington, but we did Steak Dianne at the table, Chateaubriand, whole smoked salmon carved at the table, flambéing crepes suzette, flaming coffees and liqueurs were all the go… especially Irish coffee ..All the waiting staff were in dinner suits and white aprons .. very European and even more so after I employed several New Australians. The restaurant was full every day and night for years… also the Bistro which was the original steak house associated with the original Motel… had great character with wood. With the new accommodation block came the new restaurant. I held court in the cocktail bar most nights… 

Definitely meuniere was on the menu. I used to have a regular Friday am breakfast radio ring in ad, based on the “revolting restaurant”. It was the table cooking that made the place … with a flick of the wrist, may I say.

 Rock bands used to stay there … it was not until years later that I ran into a few of them again and was informed of all the pot smoking, huddled under blankets in the suite”.

UPDATE: After years of neglect and being known as a complete dive the beginning of the end came in 2012 and a fire on the top floor of the main building followed by redevelopment – only the heritage turret remains in the new apartment complex today…


Massive respect for the photos I found that I have included but actually belong to others…

Thanks – The Lazy Aussie – The Red Castle occasionally gets a mention on the Worst of Perth including the wine list from the legendary King Arthur’s Round Table revolving restaurant.

Thanks – Bendog – ‘Photographer to the Stars’ (see Flickr) and a friend of his who actually took photos at a party a few years ago – I wish I had been there!!!

Thanks – Penny Lane for the incredible crumbling castle model shoot featuring Emma Bergmeier-Varian more here

Especially Wymlog for this post and its extensive photo set 

Thanks also Matt Banks and iKacy  and others who took photos you can see on Flickr




I love those interiors. Having a function? I’ll come.

Comment by The Lazy Aussie

I managed Red Castle 1971-1973. It was THE place.I was 23years old and “champagne charlie”.I had many bright ideas which doubled the turnover in 14 months. The restaurant offered table cooking and flambe… I can still see the delight of patrons eating those crepe suzettes. I have an old menu somewhere .. and a wine list. Did regular radio advertising based on the “revolting restaurant” with weekly phone in with chatty type sad.
1965 Seaview Cabernet was the go…. with the Granges of course. Many top race people stayed over the cup carnival, including Cummings…. our office girls had a ball. Old timers might remember jockey Frank Treen … he drank cognac and coke served in a brandy balloon.

Comment by Rodney Tregerthan

[…] when it was the place to be, kindly sent me the drinks menu from 1973 after I saw his comment on The Claude Mono blog. Some highlights are Swan lager, glass, cans, large bottles. Click for larger. And I’m […]

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wow – great photos that evoke fun memories of both working there in the 1990’s (where are Steve and Chris Swansson-Barrett now?) and from the 1970’s when i stayed there as a kid!

Comment by Alison Weller

i want to know what happened to this place? why did it suddenly close down? they should re furbish the place and turn it back into a thriving restaurant instead of the junkie syringe littered place it is now :/

Comment by roger

Hi Rod!!

I’m Grant Carlson and worked there in the mid 70’s with you, Franco, etc. Hope this finds you and that all is well. I recall your daughter was named Sally, Hope she is happy and well also.

Cheers, and all the best!


Comment by Grant Carlson

what a very small world
i live in Wellington, NZ
Sally in Perth
catch up on Facebook

Comment by Rodney Tregerthan

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