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….the novelty of instant life…
February 6, 2010, 12:04 pm
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I was thinking about sea monkeys today and the mysteries of life. Upon research I have learnt sea-monkeys were not what I thought they were when I looked at those ads in my comic books as a child.  They are actually a variant of brine shrimp or Artemia salina (NO!!! – you say – as I did – they are  real sea monkeys!), but alas they are a species which enters cryptobiosis, a natural state of suspended animation, allowing their cysts (dormant saclike embryos) to be sold as a dry powder. When the powder is poured into water, live shrimp appear within hours, and can grow up to an adult length of 2 centimeters within one year. Thus to my amazement as a child the novelty of “instant” life

Harold von Braunhut is someone I would like to get to know. He was an American mail-order marketer and inventor. Braunhut used comic book ads to sell an assortment of quirky products. Braunhut held 195 patent for various products, many of which became cultural icons.  Some of his products included:

X-Ray Specs – whose advertisements claim that the wearer can see through clothing and flesh.

Amazing Sea-Monkeys – Billions of the tiny creatures have been sold over the years and have generated fan websites, a television series, and a playstation game (see below). Very cool Astronaut John Glenn took 400 million “Amazing Sea-Monkeys” into space with him in 1998.


Crazy Crabs – which were not that crazy as they were just hermit crabs

Amazing Hair-Raising Monsters – a card with a printed monster that would grow “hair” (mineral crystals actually) when water was added.

and BEST OF ALL Invisible Goldfish – non-existent fish that were guaranteed to remain permanently invisible.

Buy your own sea monkeys today here

and for something a bit more contemporary…

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