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claude mono vs. the bob crewe generation
February 6, 2010, 10:05 am
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Claude Mono vs. The Bob Crewe Generation – is a short reconstruction mix of performances on the Barbarella Original Soundtrack. Possibly Claude’s all-time favourite 2am club mix – and a highlight at the Silent Disco – and I made it!!! – slow start but go with it….

“Bob Crewe was the most incredibly handsome man I had ever met,” – ’60s Pop singer Diane Renay. “He exuded talent, culture and sexuality . . . people just seemed to gather around him and follow him wherever he went. When he walked into a room, his presence was like a magnet . . . you know how kids in elementary school are often asked to write a paper about the most unforgettable character they have ever met? Well, Bob Crewe was it for me.”

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