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sarolta zalatnay, selda, psych funk beats and diger rokwell
June 28, 2009, 10:09 am
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sarolta zalatnay

sarolta zalatnay

I did not have to travel to Hungary on a record buying trip to hear the haunting psych funk beats of the track “Selda” by Diger Rokwell because he plays out in Perth and I caught some of his crazy moves last night at Mojos.

Check out “Selda” at Diger Rokwell on Myspace –

Check out Selda here and Sarolta here


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Good spots with the samples. Respect. The Earth Head was just a dedication project nothing too serious. It would be a copyright nightmare, so only a short run limited edition release!

BTW: Sarolta and Selda rule.

The next release is an EP called ‘How do you play these things?’ with psych prog rock influenced hip hop with Diger playing bass, nord, moog, mirco korg and guitar; with sampled drums and spoken word.

Love the show.

Respect, Diger.

Comment by Diger Rokwell

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