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marsha hunt on vertigo records
June 6, 2009, 9:14 am
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I had this crazy track on Andy Votels’s 2005 comp on Family Records Vertigo Mixed but did not know who sung it. I had seen the photos of Marsha Hunt but did not know she was a singer – in fact the singer of the track.

(Oh No - Not THe Beast Day - Marsha Hunt

(Oh No - Not The Beast Day - Marsha Hunt

Here it is from the 45


Here it is on Vertigo Mixed – heavier and funkier – nicely done Mr Votel

Vertigo Remixed - DJ Andy Votel

Vertigo Remixed - DJ Andy Votel

Marsha Hunt was born in Philadelphia, PA, went to University of California Berkley, and eventually ended up in the UK. While in the UK, American painter David Hockney hooked her up as with a job as a background singer for for Alexis Korner’s new band Free At Last. As she ran with that crowd, she would meet John Mayall, where she was initiated into the Blues and the music business, rehearsing, touring, and making music all day everyday. She has sung with Bluesology, and almost joined The Soft Machine, but ended up with Ferris Wheel. In 1968 she starred in the theater production Hair in London, and immediately after that (actually the night of the first show), the whirlwind ride known as her career took off. She was photographed by Patrick Lichfield nude for British Vogue magazine, and male suitors all over London began to line up. She has been linked musically to a who’s who of musicians in the London scene: John Mayall, Elton John, Marc Bolan, and is the mother of a child with Mick Jagger. The opportunities would line up as well. She released a cover of Dr. John’s “I Walk On Gilded Splinters” on the Track Record Label (founded by the Who managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp) in 1969, and a follow up full length Woman Child.


..and she put on a nice show – check out the dance troupe and the crazy dancing at about 2:16 and then again 3:10 …

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